Weekly Sale of Geld Gimmer Hoggs & Hoggs, Shlgs & Ewes with Lambs at Foot. Forward: 837 Breeding Sheep. Another decent entry of breeding sheep for our weekly sale and a nice trade generally ensued, despite several customers reporting grass scarce. Some excellent prices for strong Continental and Suffolk cross Hoggs with Nigel Peacock from Thirsk making £220 on 5 occasions, whilst Simon Bennett made £210 twice and £208 with Hogg Singles, and Ellie Crisp made £200 of Texel Hoggs with Singles. Mule Hoggs and lambs were a more variable trade, and not just as sharp as last week to be fair, J Verity & Son from Middlesmoor topped the trade at £200, with the main of them making £150 to £185.


Older sheep with lambs found a ready market, several pens of Mule Ewes full mouth or broken mouth with twins around the £170 mark, and older Horned ewes with lambs making to equivalent of £50 per life for b/m twins.
Next week we will revert back to our usual sale day and time of Mondays at 11:30am following the sale of calves. Thankyou.



NEXT SALE – Monday 25th May
(Pls Note: Sales revert to Mondays from next week)


Inc Annual Consignment: J&JH Bland, Crowden – 12 Swale Ewes with Mule Gimmer Lambs


(Entries close Friday 22nd May at 4pm – Please call Ted Ogden or Kyle Hawksworth)



Principle Prices

Geld Masham Hoggs                       to £100                                 BC Ashby


Texel Hoggs & Single                       to £220 av £189                                 N Peacock          

Texel Shlgs & Twins                         to £250                                 T Boothman      

Texel Ewe & Single                           to £125                                 B&LN DIbb         

Texel Ewe & Twins                           to £195 av £161                                 T Boothman

Mule Hoggs & Single                       to £200 av £162                                 J Verity

Mule Hoggs & Twins                       to £180 av £170                                 J Verity                

Mule Ewe & Twins                           to £178 av £169                                 Caring For Life

Mule Ewe & Mixed                          to £ av £              


Suffolk x Hoggs & Single                to £220                                 N Peacock          

Suffolk Hoggs & Twins                    to £178                                 J Verity

Suffolk Shlgs & Mixed                    to £165                                 D&FJ Leeming

Swale Ewe & Single                         to £100                                 W Rathmell

Swale Ewe & Mixed                        to £118                                 B&LN Dibb

Lonk Ewe & Twins                            to £135                                 JR Atkinson




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