3249 Forward: 375 Shearlings, 554 2shr to Correct Ewes and 2320 Broken Mouthed Ewes 3249 sheep were forward for the annual show and sale of Broken Mouthed Ewes and Breeding Sheep. Young sheep sold away to a healthy trade with Mule Shearlings averaging £3 up on the year with Ronnie Airey of Trawden topping the day with £145. In the Ewes, Thomas Binns of Downham topped with his one crop, 2 shear ewes at £148.

Strong numbers of Broken Mouthed Ewes were on show today, strong Swales with Enzo & Toxo vaccinations were highly sought after with Cowperthwaites of Eldroth topping the trade at £82 for a pen of strong ewes with 5 other vendors seeing their pens hit £80 also. A smattering of correct ewes saw some strong bidding with some old correct ewes from John Tennant at Borderley reaching £90.    



Texel                     to £140 av £95.54              Hurries Farms

Mule                      to £145 av £111.34           RW Airey



Mule                      to £148 av £72.33             T&S Binns           

Texel                     to £102 av £81.15              R Wilson

Swaledale              to £90 av £70.19                JM&S Tennant



Broken Mouthed            

Texel                     to £88 av £55.08                S&D Bennett

Mule                     to £63 av £49                      JD Taylor & Son

Swaledale             to £82 av £44.63                JE Cowperthwaite

Dalesbred             to £18                                 JH&J Ryder

Lleyn                    to £56 av £43.98                CD&RF Kitching

Cheviot                 to £54 av £48.45                Fleets Farms