The Craven Limousin Day produced one of the best sales to date with a100% clearance of Intermediate Bulls ranging in price from 2700gns to 5000gns. Senior bulls reflected the same demand from buyers for strong bulls ready for work with just one failing to find a new home and a price range of 2300gns to 5000gns. With 4 Junior bull classes in the show and a large entry of 26 cattle buyers enjoyed choice and the section returned an 85% clearance rate with prices from 1500gns to 8500gns.

With 11 pre-sale classes Show judge Andrew Ewing of the Fairywater Herd had a busy morning  selecting his overall champion Arradfoot Madagascar a 2016 son of the Irish National Champion, Newtown Freeman bred from the good cow Gunnerfleet Fortunas by Thor Atkinson of Ulverston. Madagascar impressed all by winning the Intermediate bulls, Male Champion and overall before sale to Mesrs J Layfield & Sons of Crook for 4800gns. Top price on the day was drawn from the pens of Ian Handley’s Gunnerfleet Herd when Gunnerfleet Neptune following in the footsteps of previous Plumtree Fantastic sons caught the eye of specialist beef producers D&S Hollings of Pecket Well. Bred from Gunnerfleet Fullrose, a Tango bred cow the January 2017 born Neptune surpassed his full brother’s achievement in 2014 by making 8500gns.

Back with the Intermediate bulls the Gunnerfleet Herd also secured a first prize in the second Intermediate class of the day with Gunnerfleet Murc, a Maraiscote Graffiti son bred from the cow Goldies Imagination which was a 12000gn purchase at 6 months of age. Born in November 2016 Murc attracted keen interest before selling to Mr P Cowton of Helperby for 5500gns.

Procters Farm of Slaidburn also brought considerable interest to the ringside after winning the Senior bull class with Procters Mutineer an embryo son of Haltcliffe Doctor bred form the Sarkley Volt daughter Bankdale Erin, which after going on to win the reserve male championship sold to J Clayton of Wyke for 5000gns. RS Howard and Sons of Guide with their Whittakerhall herd produced the 2016 born Mario, a son of Wilodge Flyer out of a Ballinloan Rascal cow, Griseburn Forgetmenot which joined Mr E Tattersla of Bacup for 5000gns.

The Brontemoor Herd of Mesrs JM&SM Priestley of Kirkcambeck continue to bring high quality saleable bulls with their best the 4200gn Brontemoor Mandle bred from the impressive 10,000gn Loosebeare Handsome which on this occasion produced Mandle from the Procters Subaru cow, Brontemoor Candle and a 4200gn bid from P&J Boyle of Halifax.

John and Clare Mason continued to hold there own in the junior bulls with a notable 3600gn bid from another beef specialist this time a finisher, in Rob Bales of Aldborough. Oddacres Monarch is out of the Ange cow, Oddacres Dazzler and by Homebyres Dixon and stood second in the days opening junior bull class.

A high quality maiden heifer took the Female Championship for Kedzlie Farm Ltd of Blainslie. Swalesmoor Mhairi is a daughter of Dinmore Goldeneye bred from the 10,000gn Miscombe Blackbird and she joined Jan Feather at Sutton in Craven for 3600gns.

Heading up the Female section was the Reserve champion a family from the Tomschoice herd of Mesrs JM£SP Cooper of Dacre. The dam the 2010 Tomschoice Fiesta by Brontemoor Aceofspades with a service to Milbrook Dartagnan and sold at foot with her November Kaprico Eravelle bull calf comfortably rose in the bidding to 4200gns when selling Mr A Glew of Brighouse.


Judge – Mr Andrew Ewing

Show Results –

Class 1 – Senior Bull born 30.04.16

1st – Procters Farm Lot 5 sold for 5000gns

2nd – RS Harker Lot 2 sold for 2900gns

3rd – Millington Limousin Lot 3 unsold

Class 2 – Intermediate Bull born 01.05.16 to 29.09.16

1st – Thor Atkinson Lot 10 sold for 4800gns

2nd – Procters Farm Lot 13 sold for 3000gns

3rd – JM Priestley Lot 8 sold for 4200gns

Class 3 – Intermediate Bull born 10.08.16 to 29.09.16

1st – Procters Farm Lot 15 sold for 3500gns

2nd – Heald & Co Lot 23 sold for 3000gns

3rd – Procters Farm Lot 16 sold for 3000gns

Class 4 – Intermediate Bull born 28.10.16 to 29.11.16

1st – I Handley Lot 28 sold for 5500gns

2nd – I Wilson & C Wood Lot 27 sold for 3150gns

3rd – I Wilson & C Wood Lot 31 sold for 2900gns

Class 5 – Junior Bull born 06.12.16 to 25.12.16

1st – I Handley Lot 41 sold for 2500gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 40 sold for 3600gns

3rd – ER Howard Lot 35 sold for 3000gns

Class 6 – Junior Bull born 01.01.17 to 02.02.17

1st – I Handley Lot 5 sold for 8500gns

2nd – S Field Lot 51 sold for 2600gns

3rd – C Lumb Lot 49 sold for 2500gns

Class 7 – Junior Bull born 05.03.16 to 20.05.16       

1st – JM Priestley Lot 60 sold for 2800gns

2nd – WE Swales Lot 61 sold for 2600gns

3rd – JM Priestley Lot 52 sold for 2000gns

Class 8 – Junior Bull born 05.03.16 to 20.05.16       

1st – JM Priestley Lot 67 sold for 2500gns

2nd – JM Priestley Lot 62 sold for 2600gns

3rd – C Lumb Lot 72 sold for 2200gns


Senior Male Champion – Procters Farm Lot 5

Senior Male Reserve Champion – RS Harker Lot 2


Intermediate Male Champion – Thor Atkinson Lot 10

Intermediate Male Reserve Champion – Procters Farm Lot 13


Junior Male Champion – I Handley Lot 50

Junior Male Reserve Champion – S Field Lot 51


Male Champion – Thor Atkinson Lot 10

Male Reserve – Procters Farm Lot 5


Class 9 – Cow or Heifer either incalf or with calf at foot    

1st – JM Cooper Lot 74 sold for 4200gns

2nd – JM Cooper Lot 80 sold for 2100gns

3rd – T&E Priestley Lot 78 sold for 1700gns

Class 10 – Maiden Heifer

1st – Kedzile Farm Lot 89 sold for 3600gns

2nd – Heald & Co Lot 95 sold for 1900gns

3rd – JM Cooper Lot 99 sold for 1100gns

Class 11 – Maiden Heifer

1st – S Littlewood Lot 110 sold for 2100gns

2nd – P Fletcher Lot 108 sold for 1600gns

3rd – P Fletcher Lot 104 sold for 1100gns


Female Champion –  Kedzile Farm Lot 89

Female Reserve – JM Cooper Lot 74


Overall Supreme Champion – Thor Atkinson Lot 10

Overall Supreme Reserve – Kedzile Farm Lot 89



Averages –

4 Senior Bulls                                      to 5000gns av £3648

19 Intermediate Bulls                         to 5500gns av £3686

22 Junior Bulls                                     to 8500gns av £2803

27 Maiden Heifers                              to 3600gns av £1666

4 Cows Incalf/with calves @ foot       to 4200gns av £2887



Chief Prices:



Senior Bulls

Procters Farm – Procters


Millington Limousins – Millington


RS Harker – Whittaker



Intermediate Bulls

I Handley – Gunnerfleet


RS Howard & Son – Whittaker Hall


T Atkinson – Arradfoot


JM Priestley - Brontemoor

4200gns 3800gns 3300gns 3200gns 3100gns

Procters Farm – Procters


AJ Mason – Oddacres



Junior Bulls

I Handley – Gunnerfleet


AJ Mason – Oddacres


C Moffett – Carlospride


RS Howard & Son – Whittaker Hall


JM Priestley - Brontemoor

2800gns 2600gns



Cows with Calves

JM&SP Cooper – Tomschoice


S Littlewood – Hollingreave



Maiden Heifers

Kedzile Farms – Swalesmoor


Heald & Co – Coachhouse

2100gns 1900gns

S Littlewood – Hollingreave