Forward: 117 Prime cattle comprising 63 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 1 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 53 Cast Cattle. 3,078 Prime Sheep comprising 2,673 Prime Lambs & 405 Cast Ewes & Rams. 58 Rearing Calves. 2 Loads of produce.

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos) Combined


465-555kg                                             to 359.5p/kg                        av.305.60p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 314.5p/kg                        av.228.09p/kg


400-480kg                                             to 419.5p/kg                        av. 357.82pkg

485kg+                                                   to 809.5p/kg                        av. 296.43/kg


465-555kg                                             to 138.5p/kg                        av. 134.41p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 143.5p/kg

Prime Cattle (over 30 mos)

Overall Average                                   146.5p/kg             £900.98

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

£ per head: N&SA Fort 146.5

p/kg: N&SA Fort 901


Cull Cow Prices

The cast cattle market saw more cattle carrying finish in the dairy section and trade a shade firmer against the national trend last week. Parlour cattle on TMR continue to sell well with one vendor selling 11 Holstein cows average weight 677kg at 107p/kg or £727. Top of the fed dairies was G Pickersgill & Sons first prize Black and White which made £891 or 116.5p/kg whilst a young dairy from Mesrs J Caygill&Ptns made 131.5p/kg and a similar young Danish Red from JSS Verity made 117.5p/kg.  Quality Beef cross cows are scarce but a heavy Simmental cow from Mesrs EB Webster weighing 835kg grossed up to the highest price at £1056 when selling for 126.5p/kg.

Christmas Show of Cast Cattle – Judge FH Wrathall

Native – 1.R Wood                                              2. R Wood                             3. J Hall

Cont -     1. & Champion J Hall                           2. EB Webster                      3. R C Greenwood

Dairy – 1. & Reserve G Pickersgill&Sons         2. I Wright                            3. G Pickersgill&Sons


Overall Average                                   104.04p/kg           £689.14

Black & White                       to 131.5 p/kg                       av. 99.11 p/kg

Dan Red                                 to 117.5 p/kg

Dairy Shorthorn                   to 102.5p/kg                       

Limx                                       to 120.5p/kg                        av. 111.82p/kg

BBx                                         to 128.5p/kg                        av. 118.72p/kg

Simx                                       to 126.5p/kg                        av.116.47p/kg

AAx                                         to 127.5p/kg                        av. 121.10p/kg

Longhorn                               to 109.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: G Pickersgill&Sons 891, I Wright 851, J Caygill&Ptns 848, JN&J Rennard 828, A&SL Throup&Sons 812,GB Moorhouse 792

p/kg: J Caygill&Ptns 131.5, 109.5,109.5, G Pickersgill&Sons 116.5,112.5, I Wright 110.5, FA Holmes&Son 109.5, GB Moorhouse 108.5

Other Dairy

£ per head: JSS Verity (Dan Red) 740,IRG Collins&Ptns (Dairy Sh) 569

p/kg: JSS Verity (Dan Red) 117.5, IRG Collins & Ptns (Dairy Sh) 102.5

Brit Blue:

£ per head: JW Hall 925, G&PS Fleetwood 741, BS Simpson 705,

p/kg: JW Hall 128.5, G&PS Fleetwood 121.5,116.5,  


£ per head: JR&CJ Greenwood 856, D&FJ Leeming 704,

p/kg:JR&CJ Greenwood 120.5, D&FJ Leeming 114.5,


£ per head: EB Webster 1056

p/kg: EB Webster 126.5


£ per head: R Wood (AAx) 924, 827, G&MA Lawn (AA) 834, JW Hall (Long) 745

p/kg: R Wood (AAx) 127.5,122.5, G&MA Lawn (AA) 113.5, JW Hall (Long)109.5


3,078 Prime Sheep comprising 2,673 Prime Lambs & 405 Cast Ewes & Rams

MONDAY MARKET: After Sunday afternoons Prize Show & Sale, Monday was straight down to business of selling prime lambs, and a better trade than last week was seen for handy weight lowland lambs, and also for hill bred lambs. Still some great runs of sheep and top price of Mondays sale went to Nick Carlisle from Kilnsey with Continentals at £108 each selling to Keelham Farmshop. Ellis Bros from Addingham Moorside sold Beltex to £106 purchased by Andrew Atkinson, Geoff Booth of Lothersdale had Beltex at £104, whilst Seth Blakey form Bolton by Bowland had two pens of Beltex both at £100 each. Five vendors, namely Alistair Jenkinson of Langbar, Ken Marston from Askwith, James Towler from Grindleton, A Phillipson from Briercliffe and D&A Livestock from Haverah Park all sold Continental lambs at £99 each. Per kilo it was D&A Livestock topping Mondays sale at 253.8pm Seth Blakey 250p, Alistair Jenkinson and A Phillipson both at 247.5p, John and Martin Beckwith from Gargrave 246.9p and Andrew Throup of Silsden 246.3p. The main of the nice handy weight Beltex and smart Texel types were 220p to 240p, whilst a handy weight nice prime lamb was 190 to 215 and commercial types 175-185p. Heavy lowland lambs were no dearer on the week, with buyers looking for the lighter types 38kg to 44kg. Hill lambs were a much better trade on the week, Mules 160p to 170p, Kevin Wilson had 45kg £78, Bernard Simpson 46kg £78.50, CD&RF Kitching 43kg £73.50, Jeff Throup 44kg £76, Matt Mason 40 Mules 44kg £74 and same again 45kg £75, Jack Berry 45kg £74. Swaledale Wethers  were also a sharper trade at 150p to 160p for decent weights.

Today was the Christmas Show & Sale of Ewes and trade was a touch sharper for these. Champion pen of ewes for the third year in a row was awarded to Ken and Hazel Gamble with Texel crosses selling at £129.50 each to Messrs Alam of Lancashire Direct Halal Meat, Blackburn. Better Mule Ewes into the late 70’s today, heavier Horned and hill ewes mid 60’s to mid 70’s and medium hill ewes in the 40’s. A shortage of best lowland heavy ewes today.


Prime Lambs  – Overall Average  £76.98 per head or 177.31p/kg         

32.1kg to 35.9kg                 to 182.4p/kg         av 147.5p/kg         or £50.68 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 253..8p/kg        av 181.6p/kg         or £76.12 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 245.1p/kg         av 181.6p/kg         or £84.29 per head

52.1kg and over                  to 163.0p/kg         av 150.1p/kg         or £86.30 per head

Beltex average £95.69 per head or 210.8p/kg

£ per head: £108 RN Carlisle, £106 £96.50 Ellis Bros, £99 WAVJ&JA Towler, £99 A&AR Phillipson, £99 £97 KJ Marston, £99 £98 A Jenkinson, £98.50 AN Throup, £98 JA&JH Hewetson, 

p/kg: 247.5p 233.3 A Jenkinson; 247.5p A&AR Philipson; 246.9p JJ Beckwith & Sons; 246.3p AN Throup; 230.8 D&A Livestock 230.2p WA VJ JA Towler 230.2 KJ Marston;

Suffolk average £76.59 per head or 165.5p/kg

£ per head: £93 RA&E Earnshaw & Son; £82.50 Brafferton Manor; £82 RJ&SM Wallbank, £80.40 R Emmott, £80 J&C Wright, £80 Messrs J Shuttleworth & Sons.

p/kg: 194.0p RA&E Earnshaw & Son, 192.5p MR Davis, 191.9p Brafferton Manor,

Texel average £77.95 per head or 178.4p/kg

£ per head:£104 GT Booth, £100(x2) J&M Blakey, £99 D&A Livestock, £98 £96 KJ Marston, £94 TA Robinson; £93.50 MR Davis, £92.50 R&N Carlisle, £91.50 S Spensley & Co, £91 Fairplace Farm, £91 R Emmott.

p/kg: 253.8p D&A Livestock, 250.0p 235.5p J&M Blakey, 236.4p GT Booth, 234.0p KJ Marston, 228p MR Davis,

Mule average £72.35 per head or 164.1p/kg

£ per head: £78.50 BS Simpson, £78 JK Wilson, £76 JA Throup, £75 £74 W Mason & Son, £74 JH Throup, £73.50 CD&RF Kitching,

p/kg: 173.3p JK Wilson, 172.7p JA Throup, 170.9p CD&RF Kitching, 170.7p BS Simpson, 168.2p 166.7p 165.9p W Mason & Son, 166.7p RM Crabtree, 165.1p JH Throup.

Charollais average £70.78 per head or 170.5p/kg

£ per head: £84 £75 Brafferton Manor,

p/kg: 195.3p 174.4p Brafferton Manor, 179.5p A Fisher.

Swaledale average £60.99  per head or 151.1p/kg

£ per head: £68 £67 £60 JR Smith, £67.50 R Tennant, £66.50 GB&G Grange, £63 K Huck, £62 JH Throup, £61 H Smith, £60 MR Ewbank.

p/kg: 159.5p 153.8p JR Smith, 155.0p JH Throup, 152.8p K Huck, 152.5p 150.0p H Smith, 150.0p R Tennant(x2)

Dalesbred average £57 per head or 158.8p/kg

£ per head: £57 K Lister & Son

p/kg: 158.8p K Lister & Son

Cheviot average £73 per head or 162.2p/kg

£ per head: £73 PJ&JE Bolland

p/kg: 162.2p PJ&JE Bolland



Christmas Show of Cast Ewes – Judge David Palmer

Cont –                    1st & 2nd KW Gamble

Horned -                1st Westalls           2nd JK Wilson         3rd R Tennant

Mule -                    1st J&C Wright      2nd & 3rd AL Dean

Champion – KW Gamble                    Reserve – Westalls


Cull Ewes average £50.56

Suffolk to £71.50, Texel to £129.50, Mule to £79.50, Lleyn to £74.50, Swaledale to £41.50, Gritstone to £46.50, Cheviot  to £74.50, Lonk  to £64.50. Dalesbred to £46.50, Zwartable to £79.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £129.50 £109.50 KW Gamble; £99.50 FT Shackleton;

Mule/Masham: £79.50 AL Dean; £78.50 JC Wright; 

Horned: £64.50 Westalls; 56.50 JT Robinson;

Hill: £74.50 RG&SJ Paul; £74.50 Westalls; 

Cast Rams average £66.38

Suffolk to £65.50, Texel to £101.50, Lleyn to £69.50, Swaledale to £42.50.

£101.50 D&J Carlisle; £69.50 CD&RF Kitching;




Rearing Calves to £435                       (av £204.48)

Dairy av £60.21 Cont av £339.34 Native av £222.50

Mixed quality Dairy bull calves available but the trade supported by a strong bobby price. Top price was a black Holstein Friesian calf from James Gooch at £108. The Continental crosses a good trade with a top price of £420 for A Sowray & Son, Bishop Thornton for 6 week old British Blue calves and plenty of customers looking for young calves up to 4 weeks which in the British Blue bulls were up to £365 for S&PE Bowker&Sons.


Bull Calves

Dairy av £60.21 Cont av £343.22 Native av £263.57

Limousin x (Av £327) to £435                           C Watson                              

Brit Blue x (Av £366) to £420                           A Sowray&Son                                                    

Aberdeen Angus (Av £264) to £345                A Lawson&Son

Flekvieh  to £215                                                 C Watson

Shorthorn (Av £55) to £65                                                Flasby Estates                      

Black & White (Av £51) to £108                       J Gooch                 


Heifer Calves       

Cont av £333.34 Native av £165                                                                     

Ab Angus (Av £165) to £245                             A Lawson&Son                                                    

British Blue (Av £337) to £380                         Flasby Estates

Lim (Av £327) to £350                                       C Watson