CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Rams at Skipton Mart on Friday. With selling today spread across 4 sale rings the market was full to capacity with breeds covering the main sales for Blue Faced Leicesters, Suffolks, Blue Texels and Zwartbles together with second sales for Texels, Charollais, Beltex and other breeds. The results of the shows and prices achieved are as below. Thanks to all our judges for giving their time and to sponsors who generously gave prizes. Forward: 1,147 head of Rams & Females.


SUFFOLK  - Judge – Tony Shepherd

Ram Lamb –

1st ID&JC Briggs Lot 587

2nd L Needham Lot 572

3rd ML Evans Lot643

Shearling Ram –

1st J Nairey Lot 625

2nd R Morphett Lot 628

3rd S Bolland Lot 560


RESERVE – L Needham Lot 572


TEXEL – Judge – Richard Caton

Ram Lamb –

1st P Woof Lot 391 sold for 900gns

2nd J Perrings Lot 484 sold for 340gns

3rd J Perrings Lot 486 sold for 300gns

Shearling Ram –

1st  P Longdin Lot 402 sold for 850gns

2nd J Green Lot 455 sold for 1050gns

3rd J Green Lot 451 sold for 850gns

Female –

1st D Towell Lot 261 sold for 180gns

2nd R Newby sold for 500gns

CHAMPION – P Longdin




Ram Lamb –

1st AJ Mason Lot 244

2nd Mycock & Bright Lot 206

3rd JK Wilson Lot 241

Shearling Ram

1st AJ Mason Lot 98

2nd NE Harland Lot 33

3rd C Nelson & Son Lot 90


1st AJ Mason Lot 7

2nd AJ Mason Lot 5

3rd AJ Mason Lot 6

CHAMPION – AJ Mason Lot 98

RESERVE – AJ Mason Lot 244


BELTEX Judge – Tom Walmsley

Best Ram

1st WG Beckwith Lot

2nd C Windle Lot 1181

3rd MR Ireland Lot 1201


CHAROLLAIS Judge – Stephen Hodgson

Aged or Shearling

1st R Towers Lot 1140

2nd M Worthington Lot 1162

3rd C Parkinson Lot 1152

Ram Lamb

1st CW Marwood Lot 1142

2nd CW Marwood Lot 1144

CHAMPION – CW Marwood Lot 1142

RESERVE – R Towers Lot 1140




In the Lingfield Ring the Suffolks were a flying trade for both shearlings and ram lambs with a 94% clearance. The champion Suffolk a ram lamb from ID &JC Briggs of Guiseley sold for 600gns. Top price in the Suffolk ring went to Geoff and Alistair Lawn of Skipton with a tremendous Suffolk Shearling selling to 800gns. A very strong commercial trade meant for a good sale with the majority of tups selling beyond expectations.    


Run of 16 from G&MA Lawn to 800gns av £625.26

Run of 18 from ML Evans to 750gns av £522.


Shearling Ram   av £523

Lamb Ram           av £355


Prices (gns) –

800gns 780gns 720gns 700gns x2 650gns G&MA Lawn;

750gns x2 700gns x2 ML Evans;

700gns F Reeday & Son;

650gns R&DA Earnshaw;

650gns FA Nairey;





211 forward & 96% clearance rate.


CCM Auctions held their Annual Show & Sale of Blue Faced Leicester Rams & Females at Skipton on Friday. There was a very good trade for Shearling and Aged Rams , and it was from this section that the top sale price on the day came from. From the Otterburn Lodge flock, property of Ashley & Rachel Caton, by a homebred son of Z4, it sold for 2,400gns to JH Ryder of Haverah Park. Both Shearling Rams and Aged Rams showed a healthy rise in averages on the year for more sheep sold.


Aged Ram           Av £416

Shearling Ram   Av £472

Lamb Ram           Av £308

Shearling Ewe   Av £178

Ewe                       Av £168


Prices (gns) –

2400gns AV Caton

1100gns J&K Harker

1000gns x3 AJ Mason

1000gns x2 JK Wilson

900gns 850gns CD&RF Kitching

850gns WP&B Walker & Son




236 forward & clearance rate of 89%

Trade focussed on quality with the good sheep and the best runs very good to sell. Away from the top sheep  regular runs found a ready audience with the bottom end sheep harder to place.


Shearling Rams av £564

Lamb Ram           av £287

Shearling Ewe   av £289

Aged Ewe            av £161


Prices (gns) –

1500gns 1200gns Procters Farm

1400gns 1300gns 1200gns 1100gns DA Towell

1050gns 850gns R Green

1000gns 850gns PC Longdin

900gns PK Woof

850gns FA Nairey






The non MV sheep section

In the non MV Commercial ring a strong trade was to be had for any well presented cross bred and pure rams with 85% clearance rate. It was the good runs of tups that helped the trade along to a strong average for the Lingfield ring of £503. The best tup in the sale and selling for the best price of 2200gns was a homebred beltex shearling tup sold by Ellis Bros of Addingham Moorside. Other noted prices were from T&C Whiteford for a big bare skinned shearling going to 1600gns and heading back to JM&SM Priestley of Brampton, the Robinson family of Pannal again highlighted in a great sale day also selling a shearling to 1600gns to Thomas Walmsley, Haverah Park.


Run of 60 from T&C Whiteford to 1600gns av £754.

Run of 40 from RC Robinson to 1600gns av £647.

Run of 6 from Ellis Bros to 2200gns av £866.


Texel Shearling Ram                      av £445

Beltex Shearling Ram                    av £567

Charollais Shearling Ram             av £507

Texel Ram Lamb                               av £135

Charollais Ram Lamb                      av £189


Prices (gns) –

2200gns Ellis Bros

1600gns 1000gnsx2 RC Robinson

1600gns 1400gnsx3 1100gns 1050gns 1000gns x6TC Whiteford

1200gns JM&SM Priestley

1180gns LW&EJ Coverdale

The MV sheep section

In the commercial MV ring


Beltex Shearling Ram    Av £324

Beltex Shearling Ewe     Av £238


Prices (gns) –

750gns 460gns 360gns A Barrett

420gns RH&MR Ireland

360gns C Windle

350gns MR Davis



Shearling Ram   av £237                 Top 310gns

Ram Lamb           av £182                 Top 300gns

Shearling Ewe   av £332                 Top 500gns

Ewe Lamb           av £205                 Top 220gns


Prices (gns) –

500gns 460gns 450gns 420gns x2 410gns 400gns 390gnsx2 DCS Alexander;

310gns R Hughes

300gns J Rodenburg




Shearling Ram   Av £317

Lamb Ram           Av £352

Ewe Lamb           Av £175


Prices (gns) –

480gns 340gns CW Marwood;

400gns JD&V Towers;

400gns 370gns SC Hodgson;

280gns x2 B Roberts



Zwartable Shearling       av £252                 Top 250gns MJ Beckwith

Zwartable Ewe                                                  Top 280gns T Sutcliffe

Zwartable Ewe Lamb      av £147                 Top 200gns T Sutcliffe

Bleu du Main                     av £195                 Top 200gns S Goldie