At The 45th Annual Show of Pedigree Jacob Sheep saw a January 4 horn twin ewe lamb from Robert Price of Church Stoke lead the prices at 1500 gns selling to a Scottish buyer.  Females were as popular as ever with the ewe lambs averaging £341 and shearling gimmers £268.

An improved show of rams found a ready audience with the top priced male from L Trumper of Abergavenny at 680 gns for Celtic Magnum, a Nettlebed Kerryman son which went to Norfolk.  Ram lambs averaged £219, shearling rams £368.

Averages –

Ewe                                       to 380gns av £357

Shearling Ewe                   to 480gns av £268

Ewe Lamb                           to 1500gns av £340

Shearling Ram                   to 680gns av £415

Ram Lamb                           to 500gns av £218

Prices –

RF&DJ Price                       1500gns

T Lewis                                 850gns

DJ Price                                800gns 700gns

L Trumper                           680gns 650gns





Sheep with carcass, stature and type were in high demand at Skipton on Saturday when the Beltex Sheep Society held their Annual Sale of Registered Rams and Females. As one of the main sales in the country for the breed it once again did not disappoint, with a lead price of 9,000gns, 10 sales at 2,000gns or more, much improved averages on the year and a 90% clearance rate.
Chief sale price was achieved by Kingledores Elvis consigned by Richard Wood, Lanarkshire. Sired by Arkle DJ, this striking shearling ram was into the ring early in the day at lot 17, but he set the sale alight as he quickly raced away to 9,000gn and went home to the Withy Trees Flock with Andrew & Claire Wood, Lancashire.
Kingledores took second highest price on the day at 4,400gns when Richard’s pen leading Ram Lamb Kingledores Frederick. A product of Ryder DIY out of the same Withy Trees Champagne ewe as Elvis, it now makes it way up to the Orkney Isles in a two way split between Scott Sinclair and Jo Higgs.
Cross border raiders were out in force as usual with Stuart Wood, Aberdeenshire following his namesakes lead and getting up the prices at 2800gns with his shearling ram Woodies Electric Boy by his homebred Adonis. Willy & Libby McAllister brought a cracking run of sheep over from Northern Ireland and had two shearling rams top side of 2,000gns, first with lot 67 at 2,600gns for the Ardstewart Worzel Gummidge son Artnagullion Elmo, and then 2,200gns for Artnagullion Extraordinary lot 69.
Matt Burleigh had a great day with three in this bracket, topping at 2,400gns for his leading ram lamb, and two shearling rams at 2,000gns. Local Vendor Mike Davis also topped at 2,400gns and then Brian Hall Ainstable peaked at 2,000gns.

(Full report early in the week)


Averages & Prices –


Shearling Ram – Av £874 (2019 £635)

9000gns RT Wood; 2800gns S Wood; 2600gns B McAlister; 2400gns MR Davis;

Ram Lamb – Av £988 (2019 £648)

4400gns RT Wood; 2400gns 1100gns M Burleigh; 1200gns B Hall;

Aged Ram – Av £577 (2019 £656)

600gns M Crowe; 500gns B&J Scott;


Shearling Gimmers – Av £664 (2019 £480)

2000gns B Hall; 1800gns 1300gns 1200gns Procters Farm; 1400gns S Wood;

Gimmer Lambs – Av £403 (2019 £312)

500gns 450gns Procters Farm; 400gns G&L Robinson;





At the 129th Annual Show and Sale of Wensleydale Longwool Sheep held on behalf of the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders Association. Records broken were at Skipton Auction Mart with a super trade today. Plenty of interest ringside and down the pens with nearly a full house selling to a clearance. Top Price of the day was for a Ewe Lamb at 900gns selling from N Oliver which earlier stood Champion of the day. All ewe lambs sold from 150gns up to the record price of 900gn with most selling 320-420gns. A nice entry of ram lambs in with some smaller goods below 100gns but most sorts that purchasers picked out to make strong stylish replacement tups selling above 100gns and many in the 200-400gns region. Aged tups ranged from 50gns-500gns. Shearling rams sold well considering the amount entered and brought forward, 350gns would stop the majority of shearling tups with one exceeding the mark and making 500gns. Some more working tups could be picked up either side of 100gns. All classes of gimmer ewes and shearlings sold exceptionally well with all selling from 180gns to 320gns. 2016 born ewes looked the dearest sold with Black Wenslydale ewes selling to avg 240gns.


Show results –

Judges: A Bainbridge


Aged Ram

1st MA&RA Elliott Lot 542

2nd D Brown Lot 541

3rd JN&SM Prescott Lot 537

Shearling Ram

1st J&F Elliott Lot 550

2nd EL Sherwin Lot 547

3rd EL Sherwin Lot 545

Ram Lamb

1st J McHardy Lot 511

2nd N Oliver Lot 559

3rd EL Sherwin Lot 567

Aged Ewe

1st EL Sherwin Lot 514

2nd D Brown Lot 571

3rd D Brown Lot 570

Shearling Ewe

1st MA&RA Elliott Lot 526

2nd MA&RA Elliott Lot 525

JA&F Elliott Lot 515

Ewe Lamb

1st N Oliver Lot 533

2nd N Oliver Lot 530

3rd J McHardy Lot 5050


Champion – N Oliver Lot 533

Reserve – J&F Elliott Lot 550



Aged Ram                            to 500gns av £241

Shearling Rams                 to 500gns av £178

Ram Lamb                           to 400gns av £104

Aged Ewe                            to 240gns av £245

Shearling Ewe                   to 320gns av £255

Ewe Lamb                           to 900gns av £344


Prices –

900gns N Oliver; 500gns JN&SM Scott; 500gns JA&F Elliott;




4th Annual Dales Blue Sale of Blue Texel & Blue Texel X Rams and Females


The 4th Annual Sale of Blue Texel Sheep (Pure & Cross Bred) saw an overall top price which came from RA Hird with a useful full mouth Pedigree Blue Texel Ram which sold into South Yorkshire for 480gns.  Top price male with a Registered Blue Texel shearling Gimmer was Phillip Hughes from Angram at 380gns.


Ram lambs          av £236                 to 320gns MD Barley

Shearling Ram   av £202                 to 300gns N Bearsdley

Aged Ram            av £504                 to 480gns RA Hird

Aged Ewes          av £120                to 240gns DM Brown

Shearling Ewes av £188                 to 380gns R Hughes

Ewe Lambs          av £142                to 250gns A Allen