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Posted on 09/03/2019 by in reports Agri-Trader

FIRST SALE OF 2019 SAW A GREAT ENTRY AND A VERY BUSY YARD - 78 Lots of Stone & Timber. 453 Lot of Reclaim. 450 Lots of Machinery. 203 Lots of Poultry. 64 Lot of Furniture.



Spring Show & Sale -

Large Fowl         

1st J Hindle

2nd A Leetham

3rd MR&VL Parson


1st E Waite

2nd WB&A Whipp

3rd E Waite


1st J Long

2nd J Long

3rd W Rathmell


Champion – J Hindle

Reserve – E Waite


Incubator            £95

Hen Hut               £55


Pair German Pekin Ducks             £60

Silver Laced Wyandotte                £60

Light Sussex Pullet                          £55

Trio White Bantams                        £55

Trio Light Sussex                              £50

Pair India Pea Fowl                         £50

Muscovy Duck & Ducklings         £50



Generator                           £160

Donkey Cart                       £150

ELT Cebora                         £140

Lathe                                     £75

BMX Bike                            £75


Stone & Timber

A good entry of stonework and builders supply found a solid trade with stone gate posts selling to per pair £600 £400 and £220. Large stone troughs topped at £500 and small troughs to £701. Pallets of stone slabs found a very strong following with prices of £310 £290x2 £240 £220x2 per pallet for quality thick slabs. Other more unsecured items saw a bench at £160, Lamppost £120 and bollards £115.


Pair Gate Posts                 £600 £400 £220

Large Stone Trough         £500

Pallet Slabs                         £310 £290x2 £240

Bench                                   £160

Lamp Post                           £120



An extremely busy yard for todays machinery sale. The ford tractor making £13,500 but the star buy was an ATV Trailer selling for £620. Lots of interest in the livestock equipment and implements with the 3 flat trailers getting away well. Other principle prices below. Next Sale Saturday 4th May where entries of grassland machinery are invited.  


Ford Tractor                       £13500

Grass Rake                          £1900

Flat Trailer                          £1800

Frazer Spreader                £1400

Polaris Quad                      £900

ATV Trailer                         £620