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Posted on 20/05/2019 by in reports Breeding Sheep

470 Breeding Sheep Another good show of nearly 200 outfits late in the season and a sharp selling trade. Best Hoggs and singles up to £195 and best of the rest £175, others in the £160’s, better continental ewes with twins to £232 from Rosie Dunn, and the same vendor having the top price singles at £195 per outfit. **NEXT WEEK** BANK HOLIDAY SHOW & SALE – Special prizes for Single Sheep with lambs, and special Annual Consignments of Swaledale sheep with Lambs form John Bland Crowden and Roy Nelson Bordley. Full catalogue online Friday afternoon. Entries to the mart office. Thankyou.

Texel Ewe + Single               to £195

Texel Ewe + Twin                 to £215

Texel Ewe + Mixed              to £232

Texel Shlg + Twin                 to £230

Texel Hogg + Single             to £195

Texel Hogg + Twin               to £175

Suffolk Ewe + Twin             to £190

Mule Ewe + Twin                 to £180

Mule Shlg + Twin                 to £175

Mule Hogg + Single             to £175

Char Ewe + Twin                  to £132

Chev Ewe + Twin                 to £130

Char Hogg + Single              to £170

Swale Ewe + Twin               to £105

Swale Shlg + Mixed             to £115

Beltex Shlg + Single             to £170