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Posted on 07/08/2019 by in reports Store Lambs Breeding Sheep

Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep Forward: 7,079 Head: (6,598 Store Lambs and 481 Breeding Sheep) Overall Store Lamb av £58.41 *** 6,598 Store lambs through the ring this morning resulted in almost the same average as last fortnight of £58.41. Strong lambs were a nice trade as a result of the improved prime price seen this week with a number of fleshy pens in the £70 bracket.


Sweet Beltex lambs found a number of new bidders today with some cracking lambs from AM&HV Brown of Leyburn topping the sale at £94 for a pen of 10 and Hannah Brown not too far behind at £90 for a single Black Lamb with both pens heading to Wales. 
Earlier Hannah had leant her expertise on the Beltex breed by kindly judging the show for Beltex stores and her choice for the Champion pen of 25 or more Beltex crosses came from Stephen Wells of Monyash, which sold for £85 per head.

Medium to long term lambs weren’t quite as desirable this fortnight compared to last with a handful of smaller pens in the mid to late £40’s today, however anything with a good skin and thriving was still well into the mid £50’s and beyond.

Just shy of 1000 mule wethers found a good trade throughout the sale with some strong pens from Richard Brown of Kirkby Malham and John Mason Embsay seeing there lots of 50+ sell for £59 and £57.50 repectively, and a top of £63.50 per head from AM&HV Brown, Leyburn with a section average of £53.73.


A very nice entry of breeding ewes sold to a packed ringside, and trade was tidy and in front of expectations. Tops of £145 on two occasions, first for a pen of 10 Charollais crosses from B Roberts of Holmfirth and then Messrs Craddock, Bolton by Bowland. Matt Mason from Appletreewick sold a genuine draft of Mule Ewes with one crop to £122 and two crop to £98, whilst JR Gornall Chipping sold 2 shears to £110. Strong older ewes were a cracking trade, John Turner of Draughton sold correct Suffolks to £132 and correct Texels to £120. Peter Houseman from Padside also made to £132 of 3 crop Texels, whilst Andrew Atkinson of Kettlesing topped his run of nice ewes at £128 for 3 crop Suffolks.
Entries of BREEDING EWES AND RAMS required please for the next sale which our Special August Sale on Friday 23rd August.



Next Store Lamb Sale is Wednesday 21st August

Entry of 8000+ expected.

Next Sale is the Annual Shows for Down cross lambs (Robert Morphet Memorial Trophy) and Mule Wether Lambs (Stephen Foster Memorial Trophy) in pens of 50

Entries close Monday 12th August



Tuesday 20th August – Annual Sale of 4,000 Shearling Gimmers.

Mule, Masham (Society Show & Sale), Texel.

Entries close Monday 12th August


Friday 23rd August – Breeding Sheep & Rams


Sale for 100 Suffolk & Continental Rams
Also 1,000 Mule, Suffolk and other halfbred Ewes 2shr and older, also
Special “CRAVEN CONTINENTALS SALE” for Texel and Continental Gimmer Shearlings and Ewes.

This sale also includes a genuine reduction sale draft of 30-35 Pedigree Texel Females from the Gillians Laithe Flock.




Suffolk – Av £61.82

£67 NW&J Moorhouse; £64.5 SL&SD Lund; £64 AJ Shepherd; £64 F Reeday & Son; £64 ST&JE Foster  

Texel – Av £58.51

£71.5 Beeston Hall Farms; £70.5 JR Carr; £70 J Sugden; £70 E&AM Simpson & Son; £70 NW&J Moorhouse;

Beltex – Av £65.44

£94 AM&HV Brown; £90 H Brown; £85 MJ Wells; £81, £74 BR Lawson & Son; £69 HW Williams;

Mule – Av £53.73

£63.50 AM&HV Brown; £59 R&VJ Brown; £57.5 AJ Mason; £56.5 JM Daggett; £56 J Verity & Sons; £55.5 WP&B Walker & Son;

Charolais – Av £56.34

£65 JN Bradley & Son; £58 R Falshaw & Son; £56.5 AG Horn; £51.5 FM Shepherd;

LLeyn – Av £52.29

£56, £53, £50 SJ Kavanagh;




Texel – Av £145

£145 T Craddock;

Suffolk – Av £111

£111x2 R Ogg;

Charollais – Av £145

£145 B Roberts;


1 Crops

Mule – Av £118.23

£122, £115 W Mason & Son;


2 Crops

Texel – Av £101.17

£105 JH&J Ryder; £100 K Marshall

Mule – Av £95.55

£110, £102 JR Gornall; £98 W Mason & Son; £86 K Marshall;


3 Crops

Suffolk – Av £109.08

£128 A Atkinson; £118 GW Houseman & Partners; £115 K Marshall; £112, £105 AS Staveley;  

Texel – Av £102.52

£132 GW Houseman & Partners; £118 A Atkinson; £115 T Wareing; £115 A Atkinson; £108 A Atkinson;

Mule – Av £86.35

£98, £85 GW Houseman & Partners; £85 M&B Allen; £83 GB&S Stevenson & Sons; £82 K Marshall;



Suffolk – Av £105.70

£132 J Turner; £94 JH&J Ryder; £90 AS Staveley; £78, £72 JH&J Ryder;

Texel – Av £90.94

£120 J Turner; £119, £110x2 GW Houseman & Partners;

Mule – Av £83.20

£90 GW Houseman & Partners; £84 J Turner; £80 GB&S Stevenson & Sons;

Beltex – Av £92

£98 A Atkinson; £90 T Waring