Agri-Trader & Machinery Sales

Machinery, 4X4's, Reclamation & Furniture Auctions are a popular addition to the CCM Skipton calendar and are held at regular intervals on Saturdays, roughly every 6-8 weeks throughout the year.

Sale Info -  Antiques, Furniture, Pictures, Household Collectables. 10.15am.  Reclaimed & Salvaged Items household  items & tools etc. 10.45am. Followed by Stone & Timber - troughs, flags & gate posts. Unloading & Delivery Arrangements - Thursday Delivery - 2pm to 4pm, Friday Delivery - 10am to 4pm , Saturday Delivery - 8am to 9am.


Agri Sales -  7th March, 2nd May, 11th July, 10th October.

Livestock Only - 11th Jan, 8th Feb, 4th April, 13th June, 8th August, 8th September, 7th November, 12th Dec.


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