May sale of Stirks, Calves, Feather Auction, Machinery, Stone & Timber. Full report below. Next sale - Saturday 16th July

CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle


Forward –

103 head cattle:


Simmental          to £305 K&M O’Connor

British Blue        to £420 GC Barker

Hol/ Fries            to £305 K&M O’Connor


Brit Blue              to £855 P Fortune £685 JA Throup

Limousin             to £750 N Prest; £485 T Atkins;

B&W                     to £380 N Gibson

Hereford             to £770 C Winterburn 

Ab  Angus            to £480 T Atkins

Mont Belliard    to £535 J&C Roberts

MRI                        to £340 M Hutchinson

Simmental          to £685 AJ Shepherd



Blonde                 X             to £805 P Fortune

Limousin             to £805 N Prest

Brit Blue              to £645 R&VM Clarke

Simmental          to £570 JC Roberts

Hereford             to £670 C Winterburn

An Angus             to £390 A Coates

Shorthorn           to £480 MJ O’Donnell

Saler                      to £415 M Hutchinson


Machinery and Stone

 The biggest show of machinery on the bottom car park for many years with car park almost full of good quality machinery.


Leading prices included £2500 for a Graham Edwards Tri Axle Cattle Trailer Sold By Lister Walmsley of Grassington.


In the grassland section a Krone rake KS 3.30/10 made £1300, a Krone tedder made £1700, a transpread Lime spreader made £3100, and Twose drum mower £900. 3 of the these 4 lots came from the estate of the late Mr B Brayshay. A Krone 125 round baler sold well too making £2600 against an £800 reserve and a Marshall 6 Tonne Tipping Trailer made £1800 against an £1150 reserve.


Stone saw an exceptional trade with all goods selling above expectation with two quality Stone Troughs on sale with a 6ft at £820 and a 4ft at £650. Flag stones sold well to £400 and a pair of quality Stone Gateposts to £580 for a pair.


Reclaimation and Salvage


A healthy clearance rate saw some strong prices right through the courtyard section of the Agri Trader Sale with the vast majority of the 700 lots finding new homes.  The highlight of the sale would be a JCB Hydraulic Breaker which sold for £300 with another selling for £220. Two ride on lawnmowers sold to £190 and £140 respectively with 4 Landrover Wheels and Tyres reaching £110. Garden Furniture sold particularly well with a large sturdy rectangular table and four chairs selling to £230 and smaller set with two chairs to £80. Two Lots of Toy Tractors with attachments sold for £70 and £40.

Craven Feather Auction

A healthy entry of Poultry, Waterfowl, Hatching Eggs and Equipment were presented for sale at the Bi Monthly Sale.  Some quality lots of Poultry achieved pleasing prices.


£72 Light Sussex Bantam with Chicks

£55, £50x4, £40 3 Light Sussex Pullets P.O.L

£48, £45 4 Cuckoo Marans

£45 4 Brown Leghorn Hens

£42 3 Sussex Star P.O.L

£40 Trio of Rhode Island Red

£40 2 Rhode Island Red Pullets

£40 4 Blue Bell Pullets


£20 Pair of Saxony Ducks

£20 Pair of Aylesbury Ducks

£18 x2 5 Mixed Indian Runner Ducks



£70 Brinsea Incubator

£60 Chicken Arc

£55 Coup and Run

£50 Brinsea 20 Incubator

£45 Incubator

£40 Larsen Trap


Hatching Eggs

£25 Guinea Fowl

£10 Shetland

£10 Welsummers

£9 Silver Laced Wyandottes

£8 Welsummer

£7 Bosted Millfleur

£6 Light Sussex