Breeding Sheep A good show of sheep with lambs at foot for the weekly sale with everything £5 to £10 per life dearer. James & Deborah Ogden had another great run of sheep, 2 pens of 3 crop Mule Ewes with twins at £210 and £205 the outfit, but it was 3 pens of 3 and 4 crop Texels with Beltexs lambs from the same home that topped the sale at £220 and £215 twice. Richard Umplebys run topped at £205 as did Nick Dalbys.

Texel Crct with Twins          £220 £215x2 JR&DL Ogden; £198 RG Johnson; £195 £190 B&ME Craven; £195 FM Shepherd;

Texel BM with Twins           £205 PN Dalby;

Texel Crct with Singles         £150 RG Johnson; £150 PN Dalby;

Texel BM with Singles          £150 RJ Umpleby;

Suffolk Crct with Twins       £205 RJ Umpleby; £185 FM Shepherd;

Suffolk BM with Twins         £160 RG Johnson;

Suffolk BM with Singles       £150 RJ Umpleby

Mule Crct with Twins           £210 £205 JR&DL Ogden; £155 H Carr & Son;

Mule BM with Twins            £140 H Carr & Sons; £132 FM Shepherd;

Mule BM with Singles          £95 RG Johnson & Son

Charollais Crct with Twins  £175 RJ Umpleby; £170 B&ME Craven

Charollais BM with Twins   £160 RJ Umpleby