861 Breeding Sheep A much increased entry today for the weekly sale but easily dealt with as the sale ring was rammed to the rafters with customers looking for sheep. More younger ewes and hoggs with lambs at foot now starting to come forward and plenty of buyers for them, best of the mule hoggs & singles £200 plus today, 36 outfits of Mule Hoggs & Singles av £195.97. As ever older ewes with strong lambs were keenly sought.

Today we held our April Show & Sale and the following results awarded:

5 or More Cont Sheep

1st & 3rd JR Umpleby            2nd E&M Townley

5 or More Mule Sheep

1st & 3rd IT Manning

2nd RG Johnson & Son


Please pre enter sheep each week, it helps with notifying buyers of anticipated entries.


Texel Ewes Crct with Singles             to £140 E&M Townley

Texel Ewes Crct with Twins               to £210 C Smith

Texel Ewes BM with Singles              to £125 AN Throup

Texel Ewes BM with Twins                to £162 AN Thorup

Texel Ewes Crct with 1.5                   to £162 Moorland View

Texel Shlgs with Sinlges                      to £190 GA Hewitt & Son

Texel Shlgs with Twins                        to £215 C Smith

Texel Hoggs with Singles                    to £210 IT Manning

Suffolk Ewes Crct with Singles          to £105 J Moore

Suffolk Ewes Crct with Twins            to £160 JR Peel

Suffolk Ewes BM with Twins              to £155 R Brewer

Suffolk Shlgs with Singles                   to £165 L Grange

Suffolk Shlgs with Twins                     to £160 L Grange

Mule Ewes Crct with Singles             to £135 L Grange

Mule Ewes Crct with Twins               to £190 RE Metcalfe

Mule Ewes BM with Twins                to £158 RD Metcalfe

Mule Ewes Crct with 1.5                    to £160 RW Hebdon

Mule Shlgs with Twins                        to £218 CM&EM Gratton

Mule Hoggs with Singles                    to £210 RG Johnson & Son                               

Jacob Ewes Crct with Singles             to £92 TM Kitching

BFL Ewes Crct with Singles                to £95 RD Metcalfe

Herdwick Ewes Crct with Singles      to £65 M Dalton

Cheviot Ewes with Twins                   to £175 A Townley

Beltex Shlgs with Singles                    to £110 I Mounsey