The 8th Annual Craven Lingfield Christmas Primestock Show .... FORWARD – 52 Prime Cattle. 219 Butchers Lambs. 31 Lamb Carcasses. 27 Prime Pigs.



Pigs -  Judge Mr Stephen Taylor


Class 1 Prime Pig 85kg or less

1st L Findlay 65kg 208p/kg SA Swales

2nd L Findlay 70kg 171p/kg SA Swales

3rd D Pawson 80kg 143p/kg SA Swales

Class 2 Prime Pig 85kg +

1st JG Bamforth 96kg 229p/kg John Summers

2nd D Pawson 94kg 145p/kg W Taylor & Son

3rd F&B Smith 94kg 129p/kg W Buckle


Champion: JG Bamforth & Son

Reserve:  L Findlay



Cattle – Judge Mr Mick Etherignton

48 show cattle went through the ring at the Lingfields Christmas Primestock Show with the Championship awarded to Mesrs Mellin and Cropper for their 640kg British Blue heifer that had won numerous rosettes around the summer show circuit and came out on top of some fiercely contested classes to sell to Keelham Farm Shop for 570p/kg or £3648. Reserve Champion was a homebred British Blue Steer weighing 620kg exhibited by John Stephenson of Bordley which also joined Keelham Farm Shop for 320p/kg or £1984.


465-555kg                            to 370p/kg          av 281.4p/kg      or to £1794.50    av £1461.71

560kg+                                  to 395p/kg          av 270.51p/kg    or to £2449          av £1648.16


400-480kg                            to 340p/kg          av 307.89p/kg    or to £1551          av £1385.50

485kg+                                  to 570p/kg          av 339.27p/kg    or to £3648          av £1947.14




Class 1 – Young Bull


Class 2 NativeBred Steer/Heifer

1st TW Timm      N/S

Class 3 Blue Heifer Under 525kg

1st H Baines                        410p/kg               Anthony Kitson

2nd JH&SM Mason           355p/kg                Anthony Kitson

3rd G Boocock                    255p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Class 4 Blue Heifer Over 526kg

1st Mellin and Cropper  570p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

2nd S Okane                         300p/kg                Anthony Kitson

3rd S&NV Jowett              355p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Class 4a AOB Heifer

1st M&E Hartley               370p/kg                Weatherheads Butchers

2nd MG Tomlinson           N/S

3rd S&NV Jowett              370p/kg                Unsold

Class 5 Blue Steer Under 525kg

1st N/A

Class 6 Blue Steer Over 526kg

1st J Stephenson               395p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

2nd Mellin and Cropper 255p/kg                Anthony Kitson

3rd C Crowther                   265p/kg                D&A Gregory

Class 6a AOB Steer

1st J Stephenson               320p/kg                D&A Gregory

2nd JR Metcalfe                 275p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

3rd S Okane                         240p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Class 7 Young Handlers

1st C Cropper                      n/s

2nd  F Shorrock                   330p/kg                Anthony Kitson

3rd S&NV Jowett              260p/kg                Thompson Wholesale Meats


Special Prize for Best Beast Purchased from CCM Skipton:

F Shorrock                           330p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Special Prize Awarded for Best Homebred Beast:

J Stephenson                     395p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Special Prize for Best Beast from a regular CCM Vendor:

J Stephenson                     395p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop


Male Champion:              J Stephenson                    395p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop      

Male Reserve:                  J Stephenson                     320p/kg                D&A Gregory

Female Champion:         Mellin&Cropper              570p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Female Reserve:              H Baines                              410p/kg                Anthony Kitson



Overall:                                                Mellin & Cropper           570p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop

Reserve:                              JS Stephenson                 395p/kg                Keelham Farm Shop



Un-haltered Cattle – Judge: Philip Gregory

Champion           B Lund                  N/S

Reserve               S Bennett                            255p/kg                                D&A Gregory



Lambs - Judges Mr Thomas Shepherdson (Lowland Lambs) & Mr Martin McIntyre (Hill Lambs)


In the live lamb competition there was a great show of quality lambs from across all the breeds that are so well represented week in week out at our busy Monday primestock auctions. Regular vendors were to the fore as well, as Martin McIntyre of Bainbridge, who judging the Hill bred lambs choose a pen of Mule Wethers consigned by Joe Throup of Draughton as his Hill Champions and were awarded The Anthony Dean Perpetual Challenge Trophy. They later sold to the judge for £110 each. The reserve hill champions were a pen of Swaledale wethers from John Smith of Carlton, weighing 51kg they sold to Farmison & Co of Ripon.

In the Lowland section, Thomas Shepherdson was judging and with a fantastic run of Beltex cross lambs it was Martin & Valerie Brown of Leyburn who each of the 4 classes for Continental sired lambs and their heavy trimmed pen were given Lowland Champions and awarded the ES Hartley Trophy for the Supreme Champion pen, they attracted bids from 6 different butchers but quickly moved to £500 each and it was this bid from Tom Wood, head of the butchery department at Huntleys Country Store in Samlesbury, Preston that was successful in securing the lambs. Reserve champions also came from Martin & Valerie Brown, the lightweight trimmed class pen sold for £250 each to Messrs Swales of Knavesmire butchers in York.


Class 1 Mule any weight

1st JC&N Throup 57kg @ £110 to McIntyre Meats

2nd S&T Fawcett 48kg @ £79 to Swaledale Foods

3rd MB Allen 56kg @ £73 to Andrew Atkinson

Class 2 Masham any weight

1st JM Wilson & Son 53kg @ £100 to The Millstones Restaurant, Kettlesing

2nd MB Allen 61kg @ £91 to Swaledale Foods

3rd JM Wilson & Son 55kg @ £88 to McIntyre Meats

Class 3 Swaledale any weight

1st JR Smith 51kg @ £105 to Farmison & Co, Ripon

2nd JR Smith 44kg @ £71 to St Merryn Meat

3rd CT Akrigg 44kg @ £75 to Swaledale Foods

Class 4 Dalesbred any weight

1st JA Stoney & Son 49kg @ £85 to McIntyre Meats

2nd JK Wilson 42kg @ £76 to The Millstones Restaurant

3rd JM Wilson & Son47kg @ £80 to The Millstones Restaurtant

Class 5 – Other Hill Breed

1st CD&RF Kitching 46kg £78 to St Merryn Meat

2nd CA Crowther 50kg @ £80 to Thomas Shepherdson


Hill Bred Champion: JC&N Throup (Mule)

Hill Bred Reserve: JR Smith (Swaledale)


Class 6 Suffolk x any weight

1st AL Thompson 58kg @ £125 to Andrew Atkinson

2nd AL Thompson 50kg @ £105 to Andrew Atkinson

3rd CD&RF Kitching 48kg @ £78 to Andrew Atkinson

Class 7 Continental x Untrimmed 39kg or less

1st AM&HV Brown 39kg @ £145 to Anthony Kitson Butchers, Northallerton

2nd JS Eddleston 39kg @ £125 to G&C Cropper Family Butchers, Accrington Market Hall

3rd K+James Garth & Son 38kg @ £100 to David Findlay

Class 8 Continental x Untrimmed 40kg or more

1st AM&HV Brown 43kg @ £130 to Thomas Shepherdson

2nd James Garth & Son 45kg @ £170 to Messrs Swales of Knavesmire Butchers, York

3rd JS Eddleston 43kg @ £140 to Messrs Swales of Knavesmire Butchers, York

Class 9 Continental x Trimmed 39kg or less

1st AM&HV Brown 38kg @ £250 each to Messrs Swales of Knavesmire Butchers, York

2nd RH&MR Ireland 38kg @ £108 to Anthony Kitson Butchers, Northallerton

3rd RH&MR Ireland 38kg @ £108 to Anthony Kitson Butchers, Northallerton

Class 8a Continental x Trimmed 40kg or more

1st AM&HV Brown 48kg @ £500 to Huntleys Country Store, Samlesbury, Preston

2nd J Midgley46kg @ £125 to Anthony Kitson Butchers, Northallerton

3rd Ellis Bros 46kg @ £125 to Keelham Farm Shop, Skipton and Thornton


Lowland Champion:  AM&HV Brown 48kg @ £500 to Huntleys Country Store, Samlesbury, Preston

Lowland Reserve:  AM&HV Brown 38kg @ £250 each to Messrs Swales of Knavesmire Butchers, York


Overall Supreme Champion: AM&HV Brown 48kg @ £500 to Huntleys Country Store, Samlesbury, Preston

Supreme Reserve:  AM&HV Brown 38kg @ £250 each to Messrs Swales of Knavesmire Butchers, York


Beltex Sired Lambs – AM&HV Brown

Texel Sired Lambs – RH&MR Ireland




Carcass                 Judge – Mr S Barker


Class 1 Und 35kg Cont                                                                                   

1st AM&HV Brown            21.5kg £180 SA Swales                                                                  

2nd K Porteous                   18.5kg £135 Stanforths

3rd C Clarke                         19.3kg £115 A Parnaby

Class 2 35-40kg Cont                                                                                      

1st H Brown                         19.5kg £350 G Cropper

2nd RH&MR Ireland          19.9kg £200 SR Hallworth

3rd J Midgley                       24.3kg £160 SA Swales                    

Class 3 41-44kg Cont                                                                                      

1st AM&HV Brown           23.3kg £850 G Cropper

2nd JGE Heseltine              23.7kg £190 The Falcon Inn

3rd Ellis Bros                        22.9kg £165 AL Dean

Class 3c 41-44kg Hill  (Masham)                                                                               

1st GF Harker                      21.1kg £70 Millstones Restaurant

2nd JM Wilson & Son        19.7kg £77 Alan Parnaby

3rd J Gorst                            20.1kg £68 JM Wilson & Son

Class 4 41-44kg Swaledale                                                                          

1st C Nelson & Son           22.3kg £76 Swaledale Foods                       

Class 5 41-44kg Dalesbred                           

1st GF Harker                      21.1kg £70 Millstones Restaurant

2nd JM Wilson & Son        Unsold

3rd RH&EA Close               22.1kg £77 M Greenwood


Overall Average £157.83


Champion – AM&HV Brown

Reserve – H Brown


Beltex Sired – AM&HV Brown

Texel Sired – RH&MR Ireland

Dalesbred – GF Harker



Pork Pies


1st Robinson Farm Shop

2nd Farmhouse Fare

3rd Keelham Farm Shop


1st Farmhouse Fare

2nd Haigh Farm Shop

3rd D&A Gregory


1st Farmhouse Fare

2nd Robinsons Farm Shop

3rd Brosters Farm Shop


Best Yorkshire Pie: Robinsons Farm Shop

Best Lancashire Pie: D&A Gregory


Overall Champion: Farmhouse Fare

Reserve Champion: Robinsons Farm Shop


Thankyou to Pie exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands.



Produce                               Judge: Johnny Carr

Bale of Old Meadow Hay

1st SL&SD Lund

2nd B Lund

3rd JJ Coates

Bale of Seed Hay

1st JJ Coates

Bale of Haylage

1st JJ Coates

2nd JJ Coates


Champion Bale – SL&SD Lund

Reserve – JJ Coates



Christmas Fruit Cake                      Judge: Ann Atkinson & Gill Holme

1st Hazel Gamble

2nd Margaret Booth

3rd Cathie Cromarty

Victoria Sandwich Cake

1st Philip Dolphin

2nd Rosie Whitaker

3rd Jill Perrings

Jar of Chutney

1st Susan Wallbank

2nd Margaret Booth

3rd Aimee Lawn

Sausage Rolls                                    Judge: AS Pie Judges

1st Ingfield Farm Shop

2nd Haighs Farm Shop

3rd Farmhouse Fare

Pair of Scotch Eggs                          Judge: As Pie Judges

1st Farmhouse Fare

2nd L Priestley

3rd Hamlets Butchers


Thankyou to Produce exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Brooklands School.