The Gunnerfleet herd of Jim and Ian Handley from Chapel Le Dale led the prices on Craven Limousin Day 2016 with Gunnerfleet Jumbo. This 2014 born son of Cloughhead Umpire was placed second in class 4, the middle class of Intermediate Bulls, before his successful sale to Rodney Bros of Healugh for 4,900gns. Following closely behind at 4,600gns was the first prize senior bull (Class 1), consigned by the Tomschoice herd of JM&SP Cooper of Dacre. The 2013 born stock bull Carwin Icarus has been a great servant to the Tomschoice herd and remained in Nidderdale when selling to Ian and Stuart Barritt of Braisty Wood.

Michael, Stephen and Richard Priestley of Cracrop, Kirkcambeck, travelled down from Cumbria and achieved notable success in the intermediate bull classes with 1st 2nd and 3rd prize in separate classes. Their leading price at 4,000gns was the 2014 born Brontemoor Jacksonfive by Huntershall Gladiator out Brontemoor Genesis, a grand daughter of Burndale Cyclone. Jacksonfive sold to CJ Wardell & Sons of Malton.

Selling at 3,400gns was Brontemoor Jasper, a grandson of Wilodge Vantastic out of the Elite Benn cow Brontemoor Fancy. It joined DT Houseman of Darley, Harrogate.

JH Tennant Ltd led the way in the junior bulls with their first prize 2014 bull Lissett Jagger, by Anside Flint bred from the Saphir cow Bankdale Gaga which found a new home with CG&AJ Sutcliffe of Wetwang, Driffield for 3,600gns.

WE Swales and Sons Ltd won the first of the 2015 junior bull classes with Swale Locust a bull bred by Brontemoor Ace of Spades which joined Nidderdale beef farmers D&FJ Leeming of Ramsgill.

Gunnerfleet were again in close attendance with a Plumtree Fantastic son born in 2015 out of Goldies Floche, which after winning second prize sold to JA&J Robinson of Holwick, Middleton in Teesdale.

In the late 2015 junior class, the Oddacres herd of John and Clare Mason dominated with their first prize Gallios son bred from the Homebyres Dixon cow Oddacres Glitter which joined J&K Harker of Lofthouse, Nidderdale for 2500gns. The Masons returned with their 3rd prize late 2015 junior bull Oddacres Ludo by Gallios which sold to Horton in Ribblesdale’s W&A Lambert & Son for 2,100gns.

Leading the female section was an entry from Mark and Helen Lewis’s Redland herd at Hunsingore with Redland Jessica the first prize maiden heifer by Eldorado out of Redland Cleopatra which sold to M Crabtree of Kettlesing, Harrogate for 1,800gns.

JM&SP Cooper offered for sale a good draft of older cows from Tomschoice, headed up by the 2007 Tomschoice Champagne, the first prize cow by Sarkley Topknot and run with the bull sold to T&H Kilby & Son of Thorp Arch, Wetherby.

The sale saw a very busy ringside with 86% clearance rate for bulls and 93% clearance of females with bulls sought by premium suckled calf producers underpinned by a sound trade for bulls to use in the dairy sector.


Head – 88       Judge – Mr John Phillips, Carmarthenshire


Show Results –

Class 1 – Senior Bull born 19.06.08 to 30.03.08

1st – JM&SP Cooper Lot 3 selling for 4600gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 1 selling for 2900gns

3rd – T&E Priestley Lot 7 selling for 1800gns

Class 2 – Senior Bull born 04.04.08 to 30.04.08

1st – Heald & Co Lot 13 unsold

2nd – JM&SM Priestley Lot 14 selling for 3400gns

3rd – RS Harker Lot 12 selling for 1700gns

Class 3 – Intermediate Bull born 12.05.14 to 26.07.14

1st – JM&SM Priestley Lot 23 selling for 4000gns

2nd – JM&SM Priestley Lot 22 selling for 2200gns

3rd – C Moffett Lot 20 selling for 3200gns

Class 4 – Intermediate Bull born 27.07.14 to 19.10.14

1st – Procters Farm Lot 30 selling for 3700gns

2nd – I Handley Lot 35 selling for 4900gns

3rd – JM&SM Priestley selling for 3900gns

Class 5 – Intermediate Bull born 20.10.14 to 13.12.14

1st – JH Tennant Lot 46 selling for 3600gns

2nd – I Handley Lot 35 selling for 3000gns

3rd – G&J Verity Lot 40 selling for 1500gns

Class 6 – Junior Bull born 05.01.15 to 07.03.15      

1st – WE Swales Lot 53 selling for 3500gns

2nd – I Handley Lot 50 selling for 3400gns

3rd – JM&SM Priestley Lot 59 selling for 3100gns

Class 7 – Junior Bull born 15.03.15 to 23.06.15      

1st – AJ Mason Lot 62 selling for 2500gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 73 unsold

3rd – AJ Mason Lot 63 selling for 2100gns


Senior Male Champion – JM&SP Cooper Lot 3

Senior Male Reserve Champion – Heald & Co Lot 13

Intermediate Male Champion – JH Tennant Lot 46

Intermediate Male Reserve Champion – Procters Farm Lot 30

Junior Male Champion – WE Swales Lot 53

Junior Male Reserve Champion – I Handley Lot 50


Male Champion – JM&SP Cooper Lot 3

Male Reserve – JH Tennant Lot 46


Class 8 – Cow in Calf or with Calf @ Foot

1st – JM&SP Cooper Lot 82 selling for 1800gns

2nd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 74 selling for 1700gns

Class 9 – Maiden Heifer

1st – R&M Lewis Lot 94 selling for 1800gns

2nd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 103 selling for 1750gns

3rd – T&E Priestley Lot 96 unsold


Female Champion –  JM&SP Cooper Lot 82

Female Reserve – R&M Lewis Lot 94


Overall Supreme Champion – JM&SP Cooper Lot 3

Overall Supreme Reserve – JH Tennant Lot 46


Averages –

9 Senior Bulls                          to 4600gns av £2508

21 Intermediate Bulls                         to 4900gns av £3062

13 Junior Bulls                         to 3500gns av £2254

Maiden Heifers                       to 1800gns av £1481

Cows Incalf                             to 1800gns av £1771

Cows with Calves                    to 2750gns av £2555


Chief Prices:



I Handley - Gunnerfleet

4900gns 3400gns 3000gns

JM&SP Cooper - Tomschoice


JM&SM Priestley – Brontemoor

4000gns 3900gns 3400gns(x2) 3100gns 2200gns

D&D Prince - Toftgate


W Holden & Son – Boldventure


Procters Farm - Procters


JH Tennant - Lissett


WE Swales - Swale


RS Howard – Whittaker Hall


C Moffett - Carlospride


AJ Mason – Oddacres

2900gns 2600gns 2500gns 2100gns(x2)

A Myerscough - Tallyrock

2700gns 2600gns




Cows with Calves

JM&SP Cooper – Tomschoice

2750gns 2650gns 2500gns 2300gns


Cows Incalf

JM&SP Cooper – Tomschoice

1800gns 1700gns 1600gns


Maiden Heifers

RM&HJ Lewis –

1800gns 1750gns 1500gns x2

JM&SP Cooper – Tomschoice


Birkhead Farms

1550gns 1450gns