Rearing Calves to £460 B&W av £85 Cont av £362 Native av £251.50 Small Show of calves forward following the calf show with a lot of farmers with one eye on their silage. However trade was strong not quite that of Show week but a couple of strong Simmental heifers topped the bidding today from John Blackwell, Gargrave 1mth and 28 days making £460 with Alf and Andrew Townsend just pipped with their bull at £455. Black and Whites and Angus’ continue their strong trend with some planer calves than what has been previously seen still averaging £85 and £251.50 Respectively.

Bull Calves

Simmental x to £200 S Nuttall                        

Hereford to £240 HJ&K Blackwell                   

Brit Blue (Av £365) to £455 AP Townsend                                                    

Ab Angus (Av £252) to £260 AP Townsend                                  

Black & White (Av £75) to £105 EJ Fort                         


Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x (Av £200) S Nuttall                        

Simmental (Av £440) to £460 HJ&K Blackwell                             

Ab Angus (Av £250) to £270 GD&JC Holme & Son                                                      



Craven Dairy Auction (14 head)

A small show today with a number of cattle turning up unannounced making placing cattle a little trickier, despite this quality was good with some good heifers from Samantha Sugden and David and Suzy Lawson reaching a good trade but arguably others hard done by even by current standards. In the end Stephen Coates of Baildon Moor chose David Lawson’s pedigree heifer as his champion but was beaten to the top price by the reserve champion from Samantha Sugden a Grinkle bred heifer giving 30kgs and heading to Southfield at £2000. David Lawson s Champion a strong heifer in her own right was hard fought over also and was eventually bought by Show judge Stephen Coates. 

Judge – Stephen Coates

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:         1st A Lawson & Son              2nd SJ Sugden        3rd JD Taylor

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st A&G Midgley                   2nd A Lawson & Son

                                Champion – A Lawson & Son            Reserve – SJ Sugden


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers (4): av £1575 to £2000 SJ Sugden


Newly Calven Heifers (3): av £1116 to £1160 MT Stapleton


Newly Calven Cows (2): av £1090 to £1100 A Lawson & Son  


Maiden Heifers (2): av £710 to £760 R&E Pollard