208 Breeding Sheep A similar show of ewes with lambs sold to a larger ringside of buyers and trade slightly up on the week especially for anything with stronger lambs. Next week is the Special Show & Sale, entries to the mart office please. Including Annual Consignment of 100 Texel Shearlings & 2shear Ewes with Beltex x Lambs at Foot from Thomas Boothman of Linton.

Texel Ewes with Twins                       to £192  RJ Umpleby

Texel Ewes with Singles                     to £140 RG Johnson & Son

Texel Ewes BM with Twins                to £144 M&G Dobson

Texel Ewes BM with Singles              to £112 M&G Dobson

Texel Shlgs with Singles                      to £122 M&G Dobson

Suff Ewes with Twins                          to £195 RJ Umpleby

Charollais Ewes with Twins                to £180 RJ Umpleby

Charollais BM with Twins                   to £192  RJ Umpleby

Scotch Half Bred with Twins              to £185 RJ Umpleby

Suffolk Correct with Twins                to £195 RJ Umpleby

Mule Correct and Twins                     to £150 H Carr & Son

Mule B/M Twins                                  to £172 M&G Dobson

Mule B/M Singles                                to £100 M&G Dobson