Forward: 46 Prime cattle comprising 18 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 28 Cast Cattle 5,063 Prime Sheep comprising 4486 Prime Lambs & 577 Cast Ewes & Rams 53 Rearing Calves 28 Dairy


Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

Although a little caution was expressed by the retail trade prior to any announcements later today, cattle were a very strong trade. Top calls on the gross values fell to Mick Etherington of Eldwick with a 610kg British Blue heifer from JH&SM Mason of Keasden Head at £1577 when making 258.5p/kg and a Limousin cross steer weighing 560kg from CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield making £1459 or 260.5p/kg. Keelham Farm Shop of Skipton was the headline buyer of the leading pence per kg purchases with a Limousin cross heifer from CD&RF Kitching weighing 575kg which made 272.5p/kg or £1577. Virtually all the inside fed cattle made 250p/kg or more and a special order matching consignment of Blue Grey and Low line Angus, grass fed were 190-205p/kg. Keep in touch for information on trade in the light of changes to lockdowns.



465-560kg                                             to 257.5p/kg                        av.231.13p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 260.5p/kg                        av. 212.98p/kg


480kg+                                                   to 272.5p/kg                        av. 239.11p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1459, TW Cowperthwaite (BBx) 1403

p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 260.5, TW Cowperthwaite (BBx) 257.5,


£ per head: JH&SM Mason (BBx) 1577, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1567, (BBx) 1552,1551,1523,1485,1428, SD Bennett (Limx) 1451,1310

p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 272.5,269.5,(BBx) 269.5,267.5,258.5, SD Bennett (Limx) 261.5, JH&SM Mason (BBx) 258.5



Cull Cow Prices

A back-end show of mainly cold meated parlour cows which were a good trade. Premium still there for warm fed cows with a dry Black and White weighing 900kg from RD Metcalfe making 125.5p/kg or £1130 and a 685kg Simmental cross from John and Alison Spensley 142.5p/kg or £976. Plenty of lean cows 85-105p/kg.


Overall Average                                   102.09p/kg                           £658.50

Black & White                      to 128.5p/kg                        av.99.70p/kg

Jersey                                     to 121.5p/kg

Simx                                       to 142.5p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: RD Metcalfe&Son 1130, MP Jennings (Dairy)Ltd 919, H Downs&Son 799,769, M&R Smith 774, GB Moorhouse 764

p/kg: MP Jennings (Dairy)Ltd 128.5, RD Metcalfe&Son 125.5, H Downs&Son 117.5,116.5, JM Smith&Son 109.5

Other Dairy

£ per head: JSS Verity (Jer) 686

p/kg: JSS Verity (Jer) 121.5


£ per head: B Spensley Ltd (Simx) 976

p/kg: B Spensley Ltd (Simx) 142.5



Overall Average                                   141.5p/kg                             £1040


£ per head: S&PE Bowker&Son 1040

p/kg: S&PE Bowker&Son 141.5



5,063 Prime Sheep comprising 4486 Prime Lambs & 577 Cast Ewes & Rams


A huge day in Skipton today with over 5,000 lambs and ewes presented for sale, and a solid trade across the board for what was on offer, with the 4,486 lambs averaging 203.7p/kg (+2p on the week).
As expected, handyweight lowland lambs with plenty of finish were good to sell all day with keen competition from the ringside, and generally the 38/42kg weights £2 to £3 a piece dearer on the week. Smart Beltex lambs were again good to sell with usual prices of 250/300p common place for these types, with several pens over 300p. Premium heavy retail butchers lambs £125 to £140, medium weights £115-£130. Mule Wether lambs were a similar trade on the week, whilst lightweight horned lambs again looked good to sell with several accounts looking for good wethers 34kg to 37kg.

Topping the sale at £141.50 was N&AD Boynton from Ripon with Beltex crosses selling to Robertshaws Farmshop in Thornton. The same vendor made £137.50 and £131.50 to Keelham Farmshop in Skipton.

Henry Atkinson, Felliscliffe showed a run of Beltex crosses, the best of which were £140 to Vivers Scotlamb who also purchased lambs at £138 from James Garth & Son of Keasden.

JC Marshall from Dacre, Harrogate were in the money this week at £137.50 with the lambs being sold back in Nidderdale through Kendalls Farmers Butchers with shops in Pateley Bridge and Harrogate.

Ali Jenkinson from Langbar made it into the winners enclosure this week with Beltex crosses at £137 selling to Hartshead Meat Co in Mossley, Manchester.

Other highlights of the day included a pen of Oxford Down lambs at £100 each form Thomas Boothman selling to specialist wholesalers Swaledale Foods of Skipton. Mashams sold to £97 each form JM Wilson of Beckwithshaw, again to Swaledale Foods, with Mule Wethers to £96.50 from JE Burrow selling to Farmers Fresh Wales.


577 Cull Ewes on sale this week. Ewes in general would be less on the week with heavy mule and cont ewes still selling to recent prices. A large show of mules of various shapes and sizes on sale today. The mule avg came to £63 with heavy ewes just short of £80 and up-to £83.50. meat ewes with less weight £68-£74 and grazing mules all £40+ with most in the £50’s to £60. 88 Swales sold with meat ewes £50 and leaner ewes in the £30-£38 and plain ewes in the late teens. 185 white faced ewes paced through with top prices of £133.50 from M Ryder & Sons. Heavy well-bred ewes in the £120’s and heavy first cross ewes £110+. Medium ewes seemed to be less with orders for these ewes looking to just ease off a bit. £70’s to £80’s  with some medium grazing ewes short of size in the late £50’s to mid £60’s.


For more details on Prime & Cast Sheep trade ring either of our auctioneers, Ted Ogden 07855 958211 or Kyle Hawksworth on 07538 539077.


Prime Lambs – Overall Average £90.36 per head or 203.7p/kg              

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 206.1p/kg         av 201.6p/kg         or £67.26 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 325.6p/kg         av 209.5p/kg         or £89.11 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 297.8p/kg         av 194.3p/kg         or £92.72 per head

52.1kg and over   to 220.8p/kg         av 186.2p/kg         or £99.53 per head


Beltex average £105.44 per head or 244.6p/kg

£ per head: £140 A Atkinson; £138 J Garth & Son; £137.50 £131.50 N&AD Boynton; £137 £129 A Jenkinson; £129.00 JM Hall;

p/kg: 325.6p 321.1p 304.8p 290.2p 288.6p A Atkinson; 300.0p JM Hall; 297.8p A Jenkinson; 293.6p J Garth & Son; 286.4p A&K Kiernan;

Texel average £88.55 per head or 200.4p/kg

£ per head: £141.50 N&AD Boynton; £137.50 JC Marshall; £129.50 JR Crabtree; £128 JA Gibson; £120 JE Burrow; £119 DW&CJ Towler;

p/kg: 283.0p N&AD Boynton; 277.4p J Shuttleworth; 272.7p JE Burrow; 269.6p JC Marshall; 264.8p RH&MR Ireland; 256.0p JA Gibson;

Suffolk average £86.12 per head or 187.3p/kg

£ per head: £108 £100 A&E Stead; £106.50 £102.50 TH Mellin; £106 Ashfield Farms; 105.50 RD Metcalfe; £100 G&MA Lawn; £97 RA&M Earnshaw;

p/kg: 208.3p CD&RF Kitching; 205.0p P Shackleton; 200.0p W&M Oldfield; 197.1p TH Mellin; 192.4p RA&M Earnshaw; 190.4p A Guy & Son;

Charolais average £83.52 per head or 198.6p/kg

£ per head: £87.50 W Stapleton; £87 JM Smith; £86.50 £80 LJ Clay; £82 K&CA Middleton;

p/kg: 206.0p 200.0p LJ Clay; 203.5p W Stapleton; 193.5p JM Smith; 191.0p RM Shackleton;

Mule average £85.19 per head or 181.4p/kg

£ per head: £96.50 JE Burrow; £94.50 £90.50 Ashfield Farms; £94 £89 JM Wilson & Son; £91 £89 JH Throup; £89.50 James Garth;

p/kg: 191.5p L Throup; 191.1p KA&HL Fawcett; 189.8p JK Wilson; 187.8p JH Throup; 186.7p 186.7p JC&N Throup; 186.4p JA Mellin;

Masham average £85.44 per head or 189.4p/kg

£ per head: £97 £89 £87 JM Wilson & Son; £81 D Charnley;

p/kg: 192.9p D Charnley; 190.2p 189.1p 185.4p JM Wilson & Son;

Swaledale average £68.38 per head or 162.8p/kg

£ per head: £70 £69 RW&B Chapman; £70 £64.50 AJ Mason; £69 TE Walker;

p/kg: 186.5p TE Walker; 179.5p 179.2p AJ Mason; 168.3p RW&B Chapman;

Cheviot average £90 per head or 188.3p/kg

£ per head: £90 Pl Metcalfe;

p/kg: 187.5p PL Metcalfe;

BFL average £97 per head or 167.2p/kg

£ per head: £97 JC&N Throup;

p/kg: 167.2p JC&N Throup;




Cull Ewes average £60.57

Suffolk to £116.50, Texel to £133.50, BFL to £69.50, Mule to £83.50, Char. To £89.50, Swaledale to £49.50, Dalesbred to £43.50, Gritstone to £54.50, Beltex to £125.50, Lonk to £53.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £133.50                M Ryder&Son

Mule/Masham: £83.50      M Ryder&Son

Horned: £53.50                    A Guy&Son


Cast Rams average £89.19

Texel to £119.50, BFL to £113.50, Swaledale to £37.50, Char to £89.50, Beltex  to £103.50, Lonk  to £41.50.




53 Rearing Calves to £330


53 Calves in the sale today with a lot of black and whites again with £70-£100 being the region for square rearing calves, some bobbies less and some good weaned black and whites from Hayton and Stocks selling to £330 and £295. Strong 6-8-week-old black and whites selling around that £100-£130. All Angus bulls sold from £270-£285 with good rearing calves in with no older calves to reach them high prices. Blue bulls all £200+ even with the young goods. Top price Blue at £295 from Percy and Janet Bolland. Top price Lim bull from RM Shakleton selling at £300 again. Angus heifers selling at recent prices with these goods certainly not as dear as they have been £125-£200 was the price for the rearing calves on offer today. Blue heifers good to sell with agents and farmers wanting these goods more than the native heifer calves.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £300) to £300                           RM Shackleton                                                    

Brit Blue x (Av £245) to £295                           PJ&JE Bolland                                                      

Aberdeen Angus (Av £276) to £285 JC&DJ Marshall   

Saler (Av £230) to £230                                     ST&JE Foster       

Mont Bel (Av £195) to £195                             JC Marshall                                           

Black & White (Av £109) to £330                    Hayton & Stocks                 


Heifer Calves       

Aberdeen Angus (Av £155) to £200 RM Shackleton                                                                                                   

Hereford (Av £60) to £60                                  D Calvert                                              

British Blue (Av £223) to £260                         JS&J Walmsley                                    

Limousin (Av £300) to £300                              J Gooch                                 



28 Dairy


Well that’s another fortnightly dairy sale at CCM Skipton wrapped up ..... thanks to vendors new and old who consigned a first class selection of animals - there was no second rate animals today- the 13 fresh calvers offered a brilliant array whether it was volume of milk, great udders, strength, pedigree or health status sought. There is no doubt that purchasers will soon consider their purchases shrewd.

Top price of the day was for a Megaman daughter from Brian Moorhouse making £2150 to regular purchaser Brian Blezard while two good heifers from the Dowshawdale herd of GT Booth also made over £2000, with a stable trade throughout the average on the milkers was £1840 with 8 vendors and 7 purchasers.

The days dairy concluded with a batch of 15 heifers born August to November 2019 from Steve, Sue and Dave Scrivin of Bellerby, Leyburn - with great records and good health status they were keenly bid on topping at £980 for the yearling Southbelle Samovar Katrina whose dam and Granddam both had four lactations with high fat and protein- the 15 averaged £780 per head and headed to four new homes. Next sale is Monday 26th October.


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifer                         to £2150 av £1887                              GB Moorhouse

Commercial Newly Calven Heifer                    to £1800 av £1783                              ASE Crisp

Commercial Newly Calven Cow                       to £1680                                               MD Parkinson

Maiden Heifer                                                     to £980 av £780                                  SS&D Scrivin




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