1,047 Breeding Sheep The largest show of the season so far with 350 outfits and over 100 geld hoggs on offer. Young sheep were in great demand, David White of Hebden topping the sale with Texel Shearlings and twins at £255, Andrew Bailey from Eldroth had £232 for a pen of 10 Mule Shearlings with twins. Another notable price was Chris Craven of Kexby with a lovely pen of Texel Ewes with singles lambs selling away £196 the outfit. Another nice show of geld Mule gimmer hoggs averaged £130 each.

Texelx Shlgs/twins                            to £255  av £242                 

Texelx Ewes 2shr/twins                    to £218  av £204

Texelx Ewes cor/twins                      to £228  av £179

Texelx Ewes/singles                          to £196  av £139

Texel Ewes b/m /twins                     to £182  av £139

Texel Ewes b/m/singles                   to £155  av £140

Blue Tex Ewes cor/twins                  to £175

Suffx Ewes cor/ twins                       to £198

Mule Shlgs/twins                               to £232  av £211

Mule Slgs/sings                                  to £150

Mule Ewes 2Shr/twins                       to £155

Mule Ewes 3Shr/twins                       to £190  av £178

Mule Ewes 4Shr/twins                       to £170

Mule Ewes cor/twins                          to £180  av £157

Mule Ewes b/m/twins                        to £165  av £150

Mule Ewes b/m/sings                         to £114  av £103

North Country Chev Ewes/sings        to £140

Chev Ewes b/m/twins                        to £138  av £130

Chev Ewes b/m/sings                         to £118  av £95

Welsh Mule Ewes b/m/twins             to £156  av £150

Swale Ewes cor/twins                        to £140  av £125

Swale Ewes b/m/twins                      to £58

Mule Gimmer Hoggs                           to £140  av £130

Dalesbred Gimmer Hoggs                  to £70