Forward: 19 Prime cattle comprising 11 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 8 Cast Cattle. 2,463 Prime Sheep comprising 31 Spring Lambs, 2005 Old Season Lambs, 427 Cast Ewes & Rams. 861 Breeding Sheep. 73 Rearing Calves.

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

A light show of cattle because of the bank holiday and a number of extra buyers also. Top gross was £1406 paid by Keelham Farm Shop for a Bazadais cross heifer weighing 610kg sold by Malcolm Metcalfe of Baldersby whilst the highest price p/kg was  a Limousin cross heifer weighing 505kg which sold to Countrystyle Butchers of Lancaster for 242.5p/kg (£1224).

465-555kg                                             to 241.5p/kg        av. 235.63p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 225.5p/kg        av. 216.73p/kg


485kg+                                                   to 242.5p/kg        av. 220.65p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: JA Drake (Limx) 1330, JR Metcalfe (Limx) 1304, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1268,1227

p/kg: JR Metcalfe (Limx) 241.5, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 229.5, 222.5, JA Drake (Limx) 225.5,           


£ per head: JR Metcalfe (Baz) 1406, (Limx) 1320, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1225, B Spensley Ltd (Limx) 1119,1071

p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 242.5, JR Metcalfe (Baz) 230.5, (Limx) 227.5,  B Spensley Ltd (Limx) 219.5,218.5


Cull Cow Prices

Usual light show of cattle and some buyers away for the day so the call for plain cows brought a show of lean cattle which met a very good trade. 

Overall Average                                   98.94p/kg             £536.13

Black & White                       to 118.5p/kg                        av. 97.99p/kg

AAx                                         to 115.5p/kg

High                                        to 69.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: PJ&JE Bolland 759, JC&DJ Marshall & Sons 566,560, M Baul&Sons Ltd 539

p/kg: M Baul&Sons Ltd 118.5, PJ&JE Bolland 102.5, JC&DJ Marshall&Sons 97.5, 96.5,


£ per head: R&CR Mitchell (AAx) 825

p/kg: R7CR Mitchell (AAx) 115.5


2,463 Prime Sheep

The Bank Holiday didn’t dampen numbers to day with 2,500 forward for sale and a very sharp trade in all departments, Spring Lambs averaging 298.6p and the hoggs averaging 187.3p/kg overall (SQQ 194.5p)

Spring Lambs were a cracking trade today, and dearer than last week. Top price was achieved on two occasions by CR&M Wilson, Wilpshire, with two pens of 5 Continental lambs weighing 39kg selling at 333.3p/kg or £130 per head to Whiteheads Family Butchers of Edgeworth. It was Countrystyle Meats, of Lancaster, who purchased the top price lambs per head of £132 for Charollais crosses from Robert Towers of Farleton, Lancaster. Good numbers of Old Season Lambs forward and a much sharper trade for all clasees resulting in an overage 6p/kg up on the week. Kevin Marshall from Darley was top of the shop this week with 41kg Beltex making £116 each to Vivers Scotlamb. Kevin had further pens at £112 to HArtshead Meats in Mossley, £111 to Keelham Farmshop in Skipton and Thornton and £110 to Vivers Scotlamb. Henry Atkinson had Beltex to second highest price of the day at £115.50, whilst Ian Marsden of Hoylandswaine made £111 each to Kendals Farm Butchers of Harrogate and Pateley Bridge. Commercial Lowland Lambs were a good trade, with handy weights either side of £2, and heavies 170p – 190p with the 46kg to 52kg weight bracket averaging 182p this week. The Hill bred lambs were a fair trade too, best Mules 194.4p 193.5p and 192.0p from Steve Dorey, and good horned wethers 10p dearer on the week.

Spring Lambs  – Overall Average  £121.14 per head or 298.62p/kg       

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 333.3p/kg         av 301.1p/kg         or £124.44 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 287.0p/kg         av 283.8p/kg         or £132.00 per head


Charollais average £128.89 per head or 294.79p/kg

£ per head: £132x2, £130, £129x2, £128, £127, £125 JD&V Towers & Son

p/kg:304.9p, 304.8p, 300p, 295.5p, 288.6p, 287p, 286.7p, 275p JD&V Towers

Texel average £130 per head or 333.33p/kg

£ per head: £130x2 CR&M Wilson

p/kg: 333.33p x2 CR&M Wilson

Down x average £100 per head or 222.2pp/kg

£ per head: £100 N Pepper

p/kg: 214.4p N Pepper



Old Season Lambs  – Overall Average  £83.48 per head or 188.93p/kg

25.5kg to 32.0kg                 to 180.00p/kg       av 126.73p/kg      or £37.93 per head

32.1kg to 35.9kg                 to 260.00p/kg       av 210.38p/kg      or £72.60 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 282.90p/kg       av 195.21p/kg      or £81.68 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 234.00p/kg       av 182.32p/kg      or £88.30 per head

52.1kg and over   to 217.80p/kg       av 161.44p/kg      or £89.72 per head

Beltex average £90.71 per head or 219.3p/kg

£ per head: £112, £110, £109, £105 K Marshall; £104 Taylor Bros; £104 RL&AR Phillips; £104 JM Hall; £101 MB Allen; £100 R&VM Clarke

p/kg: 266.7p Taylor Bros; 256.4p R&VM Clarke;255.8p K Marshall; 248.5p J Baines; 238.6p K Marshall; 236.4p JM Hall.

Suffolk average £83.86 per head or 175.84p/kg

£ per head: £99 HB Atkinson; £89 FA Broadwith; £87 HB Atkinson; £86 C Middleton; £85.50 Stocks Enterprises; £85 E Simpson

p/kg: 194.3p Stocks Enterprises; 189.5p P Mellin; 189.1p HB Atkinson; 180.9p E Simpson & Son; 175.7p T Fitton; 172.9p S Dorey;

Texel average £85.79 per head or 194.81p/kg

£ per head: £116 K Marshall; £115.50 HB Atkinson; £111 K Marshall; £111 I Marsden; £110 D&J Coates; £110x2 HB Atkinson;

p/kg: 282.9p K Marshall; 260p, 256.7p, 245p HB Atkinson; 244.4p, 234.9p D&J Coates; 234.2p Stocks Enterprises; 

Mule average £78.51 per head or 180.37p/kg

£ per head: £89, £87.50, £85.50, £85, £84.50, £78, £75, £73 S Dorey; £83 G Beresford & Son; £70 JH&J Ryder ; £70 J Drinkall Ltd

p/kg:194.4p, 193.5p, 192p, 185.7p, 180.9p, 174.5p S Dorey; 172.9p G Beresford & Son; 170.7p JH&J Ryder; 170.7p J Drinkall Ltd;

Charollais average £82.48 per head or 184.9p/kg

£ per head: £94 FA Broadwith; £86 G Beresford & Son; £85 Miss M Webster

p/kg:189.8p, 188.1p Stocks Enterprises; 185.6p IJ Pratt

Lonk average £72.82 per head or 171.41p/kg

£ per head: £78, £74.50, £68, £54 J Drinkall Ltd;

p/kg: 178.9p, 173.3p, 162.5p, 128.6p J Drinkall Ltd;

Swaledale average £69.49 per head or 164.95p/kg

£ per head: £82.50, £78 M Burrill; £75 P Ewbank; £74, £73.50, £73.50 J Pickles; £73 M Burrill; £71 J Pickles; £70 P Ewbank

p/kg:179.3p, 173.8p M Burrill; 170.9px2, 169p, 168.3p J Pickles; 159.8p B Lancaster & Son; 155.3p AJ&HC Clark; 

Dalesbred average £68.13 per head or 172.77p/kg

£ per head: £69.50, £67.50 B Lancaster; £66 S Dorey

p/kg:173.8p, 173.1p B Lancaster; 169.2p S Dorey;

Cheviot average £84.37 per head or 170.26p/kg

£ per head: £93.50 C Middleton; £87 Stocks Enterprises; £85, £84x4, £84 J Lord; £83 LJ Penter; £80 J Lord

p/kg: 197.7p, Stocks Enterprises; 186p J Lord; 175p, 171.4p x, 168p, 164p, 160.4p C Middleton;



Cull Ewes average £66.79

Suffolk to £99.50, Texel to £122.50, BFL to £70.50, Mule to £85.50, Lleyn to £66.50, Swaledale to £56.50, Masham to £78.50, Charollais to £78.50, Cheviot  to £68.50, Teeswater to £76.50, Hampshire  to £87.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £122.50 MR&GP Beresford; £119.50 JD Taylor & Son

Mule/Masham: £85.50 GT Booth; £79.50 AJ Taylor

Horned: £56.50 KG Stapleton; £53.50 SD Poulter

Hill: £68.50 J Wood; £66.50 SP&VM Morris

Cast Rams average £76.61

Texel to £94.50 K&ML Throup; Suffolk to £77.50 F Reeday & Son; Charollais to £78.50 MS Robinson; Hampshire to £89.50; Herdwick to £52.50 LJ Penter; Beltex to £33.50 



861 Breeding Sheep

A much increased entry today for the weekly sale but easily dealt with as the sale ring was rammed to the rafters with customers looking for sheep. More younger ewes and hoggs with lambs at foot now starting to come forward and plenty of buyers for them,  best of the mule hoggs & singles £200 plus today, 36 outfits of Mule Hoggs & Singles av £195.97.  As ever older ewes with strong lambs were keenly sought.


Today we held our April Show & Sale and the following results awarded:

5 or More Cont Sheep

1st & 3rd JR Umpleby            2nd E&M Townley

5 or More Mule Sheep

1st & 3rd IT Manning             2nd RG Johnson & Son


Please pre enter sheep each week, it helps with notifying buyers of anticipated entries.


Texel Ewes Crct with Singles             to £140 E&M Townley

Texel Ewes Crct with Twins               to £210 C Smith

Texel Ewes BM with Singles              to £125 AN Throup

Texel Ewes BM with Twins                to £162 AN Thorup

Texel Ewes Crct with 1.5                   to £162 Moorland View

Texel Shlgs with Sinlges                      to £190 GA Hewitt & Son

Texel Shlgs with Twins                        to £215 C Smith

Texel Hoggs with Singles                    to £210 IT Manning

Suffolk Ewes Crct with Singles          to £105 J Moore

Suffolk Ewes Crct with Twins            to £160 JR Peel

Suffolk Ewes BM with Twins              to £155 R Brewer

Suffolk Shlgs with Singles                   to £165 L Grange

Suffolk Shlgs with Twins                     to £160 L Grange

Mule Ewes Crct with Singles             to £135 L Grange

Mule Ewes Crct with Twins               to £190 RE Metcalfe

Mule Ewes BM with Twins to £158 RD Metcalfe

Mule Ewes Crct with 1.5                    to £160 RW Hebdon

Mule Shlgs with Twins                        to £218 CM&EM Gratton

Mule Hoggs with Singles                    to £210 RG Johnson & Son                               

Jacob Ewes Crct with Singles             to £92 TM Kitching

BFL Ewes Crct with Singles                to £95 RD Metcalfe

Herdwick Ewes Crct with Singles      to £65 M Dalton

Cheviot Ewes with Twins                   to £175 A Townley

Beltex Shlgs with Singles                    to £110 I Mounsey


Rearing Calves to £500 (73)

B&W av £84.07 Cont av £347.80 Native av £218


Shaun Sowray of Sowray Bros from Bowes Green Farm, Bishop Thornton presented the Champion calf this morning for the CCM Easter show. The Calf sired by Brennand General (owned by the Walker family at Dunsop Bridge) stood out in the class, and the ring selling to the sale high of £500 to Andrew Houseman of Darley. Reserve Champion from Fred and Mark Houseman of Burton Leonard took the reserve championship with another impressive calf which sold for £450 to Mr Houseman again. Blue Heifers were led by the Houseman family again with their sweet heifer calf reaching £450 selling to the Abbott Bros of Dacre. 11 of 23 Blue Bulls over £400 and 10 Blue heifers over £350.


Black and whites were strong to sell with young 3 week to 6 week old calves selling nicely past £100 with Alan Throup of Higher House and James Gooch of Cononley both topping the calves at £130. Chris Drake of Thornton brought some black and white stirks to sell with a cracking trade for his 4-5 month old goods to £260 averaging £233.


Natives were a swift trade for what was on offer with Andrew Ayrton’s belter of an Angus bull reaching £330 and a Hereford Heifer from John Marshall of Dacre to £250 with a sweet angus heifer from Hartley’s of Bolton Abbey at £230.


Please Note the Calf Rearing Workshop led by the AHDB will be from 10am to 3.30pm next Monday in the exhibition hall with everybody welcome. 


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £260) to £290 N Parker                         

Brit Blue x (Av £394) to £500 A Sowray & Son                                                             

Aberdeen Angus (Av £360) to £360                               

Black & White (Av £84.07) to £130 A&SL Throup: £130 J Gooch                             


Heifer Calves                                                                       

Ab Angus (Av £160) to £230 JP&KE Hartley                                                  

Saler (Av £250) to £250 RL Wright & Son

British Blue (Av £339) to £450 Church Farm Enterprises

Lim (Av £332.50) to £375 A Sowray & Son

Hereford (Av £250) to £250 JC Marshall