Forward: 38 Prime cattle comprising Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 21 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos), 1 Prime Cattle (over 30mos) & 16 Cast Cattle 4,575 Prime Sheep comprising 3,998 Prime Lambs, & 577 Cast Ewes & Rams 39 Rearing Calves


Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

Another strong trade for an increased entry with heavy cattle heading up the top gross prices. David Bamforth from Wainstalls had a good 655kg British Blue steer at £1700 (259.5p/kg) and CD&RF Kitching sold Limousin cross steers to £1654 (259.5p/kg) and British blue cross heifers to £1647 (262.5p/kg) all to Mick Etherington of Eldwick. With 4 cattle breaking the 260p/kg barrier it was another Kitching heifer, a 570kg British Blue which headed the sale at 274.5p/kg when selling to Phil Gregory of DA Gregory&Sons of Bacup. In the lightweights RT&J Critchley&Sons of Hutton sold a 515kg Limousin cross heifer to Countrystyle Meats Ltd of Lancaster at 263.5p/kg or £1357 along with a another at 590kg and 243.5p/kg.

A good line of customers to buy finished cattle of all weights with farm assurance NOT essential in the retail weights.



560kg+                                                   to 259.5p/kg                        av.256.92p/kg


400-480kg                                             to 244.5p/kg

480kg+                                                   to 274.5p/kg                        av.250.49p/kg


Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: L Bamforth&Sons (BBx) 1700, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1654, 1557, SD Bennett (Limx) 1497, TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 1466

p/kg: L Bamforth&Sons (BBx) 259.5, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 259.5,258.5, TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 259.5, SD Bennett (Limx) 247.5


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 1647,1565, (LImx) 1545,1525,1505, Phoenix Grain Co Ltd (Limx) 1463,1412, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1437,1387,1357

p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 274.5, 267.5,259.5,257.5, (BBx) 261.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 263.5,243.5, Phoenix Grain Co Ltd (Limx)254.5,243.5


Prime Cattle over 30mos)

Overall average                                   138.5p/kg                             £893.33

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

£ per head: H Downs&Son (B&W Hfr) 893  

p/kg: H Downs&Son (B&W Hfr) 138.5




Cull Cow Prices

Cull cow trade very similar with meat scarce and at a premium. The lean cows remain a fair trade 85 to 110p. Just the odd Continental to feed at 142.5p/kg.

Overall Average                                   104.46p/kg                           £687.70

Black & White                      to 118.5p/kg                        av. 104.16p/kg

Dairy Short                           to 91.5p/kg

Limx                                       to 142.5p/kg                       


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: H Downs&Son 834,751, R Dakin t/a PW&I Dakin 792, M Baul&Sons Ltd 768, JT Rushton 744.

p/kg: N&SA Fort 118.5, H Downs&Son 116.5, 113.5, JC&DJ Marshall & Sons 108.5, JT Rushton 105.5, M Baul&Sons Ltd 104.5,104.5

Other Dairy

£ per head: G&PS Fleetwood (Dairy Short) 563

p/kg: G&PS Fleetwood (Dairy Short) 91.5


£ per head: L Bamforth&Sons Ltd 890

p/kg: L Bamforth&Sons Ltd 142.5



Overall Average                                   66.5p/kg               £529


£ per head: R&KA Burley&Son 529

p/kg: R&KA Burley&Son 66.5



4,575 Prime Sheep comprising 3998 Prime Lambs, & 577 Cast Ewes & Rams


No real let up in numbers today with nearly 4,000 lambs presented for sale. A mixed response trade wise, fleshed handyweight lowland lambs were as expected a good trade all day, with some categories actually dearer on the week with 37kg to 43kg keenly contested. The mediums were a decent trade for the meated types, but anything short of finish was harder to place, whilst commercial heavies were also harder to place, with smart heavies good to sell with farm shop and retail butchers still keen.
At the top of the prices, it was Frankland Farms of Rathmell who led the way this week, with a pen of 5 Beltex scaling 42kg at £140 each (333p) selling to Vivers Scotlamb.
Jim Scrivin from Elslack had some tremendous lambs forward, the best of which reached £135.50 for 45kg Beltex (301p). JA&JH Hewetson, Bank Newton had 48kg at £133.50. James Garth & Son, Keasden made £132 of 45kg Beltex to Keelham Farmshop in Skipton. Robert Lambert, Wigglesworth sold 42kg Beltex at £130.
Overall, 10 pens made 300p plus, and another 48 pens made 250p to 300p. 5 pens were £130 plus, with an additional 19 pens £120 plus and another 37 pens £110 to £119.

Mule lambs a very similar trade with over 500 head in the entry today, and there was a lot more weight about this week. Medium weights 185/190p so the 44kg to 46kg generally £82 to £87, and the heavies £87 to £90. Tops at £93 from Ellis Bros, S&T Fawcett £89.50 and an excellent pen of 42 from WA&A Booth made £89. Another 7 pens at £87 to £88.50.

Horned lambs saw lightweight fleshy wethers again good to sell, with tups 10p/15p less.

577 Feeding ewes and tups on sale today. The majority of the sheep again being Swales and Mules with more trade coming about for these breeds. Heavy mules £80+ and good meat £72-£78, grazing mules in the £50’s to mid £60’s depending on size. Overall Mule avg £69. Swales sold better on the week, meat reaching towards £60 with no giants in the entry. £50+ for meat, many lean ewes in the £30’s and plain ewes anywhere below. With 146 swales selling to avg £41.
127 white faced ewes forward with the usual story of heavy ewes and best bred ewes exceeding £120+ with top price £133.50 from RC Robinson. Heavy first cross ewes full of meat £110+. The ewes looking the dearest on the week would be the lightweight white faced crossed ewes selling in the £82-£90 mark regular. Lean grazing ewes selling to a similar price for frame and less for the smaller class of lean ewe in the £65-£72. Plain ewes sold to extra purchasers more active for these goods. Texel rams sold to £133.50 twice from FA Caton and S Richardson. Swale tups sold to £82.50, Fair Place Farm and Kerry Hill Tups sold to an impressive £113.50 from PA&PJ Ormerod.

More ewes required on a regular basis with trade for all classes of ewes meeting a full ringside of buyers.


For more details on Prime & Cast Sheep trade ring either of our auctioneers, Ted Ogden 07855 958211 or Kyle Hawksworth on 07538 539077.


Prime Lambs – Overall Average £88.53 per head or 200.2p/kg              

25.5kg to 32.0kg to 211.3p/kg         av 197.9p/kg         or £61.83 per head

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 214.3p/kg         av 185.4p/kg         or £64.61 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 333.3.p/kg        av 207.5p/kg         or £88.29 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 278.1p/kg         av 181.1p/kg         or £90.54 per head

52.1kg and over   to 234.9p/kg         av 175.0p/kg         or £96.40 per head


Beltex average £103.66 per head or 248.8p/kg

£ per head: £140 Frankland Farms; £135.50 S&P Scrivin; £133.50 JA&JH Hewetson; £132 J Garth & Son; £130 RJ Lambert; £129 A Jenkinson; £128 Ellis Bros; £128 £127 RH&MR Ireland;

p/kg: 333.3p Frankland Farms; 315.0p x2 300.0p HB Atkinson; 309.5p 307.7p RJ Lambert; 304.8p Ellis Bros; 301.1p S&P Scrivin; 300.0p RF Morphet; 300.0p A Jenkinson;

Texel average £88.69 per head or 200.3p/kg

£ per head: £128.50 Menwith Pigs; £128 £126 £121 J Shuttleworth & Sons; £120.50 £119x2 £114.50 D&A Livestock; £115.50 JA&JH Hewetson; £114 TH Mellin;

p/kg: 288.1p 266.7p J Shuttleworth & Son; 276.7p 251.0p D&A Livestock; 267.1p W Stapleton & Son; 256.7p 248.9p JA&JH Hewetson; 253.7p Menwith Pigs; 253.5p MJ&G Taylor; 251.1p Fair Place Farms;

Suffolk average £83.54 per head or 187.7p/kg

£ per head: £105.50x2 £104.50 £95.50 RG Church; £95.50 MJ Spensley; £95 Ashfield Farms;

p/kg: 215.9p JJ&D Cowking; 210.7p CD&RF Kitching; 208.1p MJ&C Thornber; 201.2p A&ED Booth;

Charolais average £84.69 per head or 198.0p/kg

£ per head: £115.50 TA Robinson; £89 JR&DL Ogden;

p/kg: 251.1p TA Robinson; 207.0p JR&DL Ogden;

Mule average £84.91 per head or 183.9p/kg

£ per head: £93 Ellis Bros; £89.50 S&T Fawcett; £89 WA&A Booth; £88.50 £87.50 JH Throup; £88 J Garth & Son; £88 RG Church; £88 Ashfield Farms; £87.50 S&P Scrivin; £87 Fair Place Farms;

p/kg: 194.4p S&P Scrivin; 194.3p CD&RF Kitching; 190.9p JA Stoney & Son; 190.9p JK WIlosn; 190.2p JH Throup; 189.8p JA&JC Throup; 188.0p A&SL Throup; 187.8p G&MA Lawn; 187.2p J Garth & Son; 187.0p FA Caton;

Swaledale average £65.83 per head or 170.7p/kg

£ per head: £77 £70 Fair Place Farm; £75 £70 P Addyman & Son; £74 £70 BS Simpson; £68.50 JH Throup; £67 AJ Mason;

p/kg: 181.1p AJ Mason; 175.6p JH Throup; 175.0p TE Walker; 172.2p C Mellin; 171.1p 170.7p Fair Place Farm; 170.7p P Addyman & Son; 170.7p BS Simpson;

Dalesbred average £69 per head or 181.6p/kg

£ per head: £69 JA Stoney & Son;

p/kg: 181.6p JA Stoney & Son;

Masham average £83.02 per head or 189.7p/kg

£ per head: £89 £87 A&SL Throup; £77.50 D&GC Newbould;

p/kg: 197.7p 189.4p A&SL Throup; 184.5p D&GC Newbould;

Cheviot Mule average £80.64 per head or 190.5p/kg

£ per head: £85.50 PJ&JE Bolland; £84 MJ&C Thornber; £82.50 T&C Robinson;

p/kg: 195.3p MJ&C Thronber; 191.9p T&C Robinson; 190.0p PJ&JE Bolland;




Cull Ewes average £64.00

Suffolk to £127.50, Texel to £133.50, BFL to £102.50, Mule to £99.50, Swaledale to £58.50, Dalesbred to £37.50, Cheviot to £97.50, Beltex to £99.50, Lonk to £53.50, Char to £105.50, Herd to £41.50, Easycare to £78.50, Rough Fell to £59.50, Scotch BF to £44.50, Jacob to £55.50

Top prices:

Lowland: £133.50                                RC Robinson

Mule/Masham: £99.50                      A. Beresford

Horned: £59.50                                    W&A Brown

Hill: £97.50                                           Westalls


Cast Rams average £102.07

Texel to £133.50, BFL to £94.50, Swaledale to £82.50, Kerry Hill to £113.50



Rearing Calves to £380

All Classes of calves selling very well and some may say better than expected. A run of Flekvieh bulls from C Watson selling to an active audience with these classes of calves meeting more purchasers for them. The run of 10 Flekvieh bulls sold to an average of £214. 10 BB Bulls on sale with RE Ayrton selling his bulls to £355 and £345. The whole BB Bull avg came to £307. Blue heifers sold to avg with only 3 in the entry. More heifers are needed for next week’s sale with buyers for blue heifers requiring quality and quantity next sale. Black and White bulls sold to avg £118 with a top price for £210 from RM Spence for a weaned more Fresian bred sort followed behind at £195 from the same vendor. Angus bulls sold to £380 from £220 and angus heifers similar on the week just below the £200 mark but only 2 on sale.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £325) to £325                           KT Wood                                                              

Brit Blue x (Av £307) to £355                           RE Ayrton                                                             

Aberdeen Angus (Av £300) to £380 KT Wood              

Flecvieh (Av £214) to £250                               C Watson              

Hereford (Av £235) to £235                              AP Townsend                                      

Black & White (Av £118) to £210                    RM Spence                           


Heifer Calves       

Aberdeen Angus (Av £165) to £175 Rainhall Farm                                                                                                      

Hereford (Av £130) to £130                              AP Townsend                      

British Blue (Av £220) to £240                         AP Townsend                                      

Limousin (Av £228) to £255                              KT Wood                                              





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