Breeding Sheep (525 Outfits) The largest show of Ewes with lambs at foot seen for a regular weekly sale at Skipton Mart were forward today and all classes sold away quite nicely. There was something for all tastes with several runs of young Mule and Continental Ewes that again caught the eyes of those purchasers looking to buy sheep to run in flocks. The older sheep represented a slightly better selection than of late with some decent strong lambs on straight ewes for feeder/finishers to run at grass until the summer.

Mule Ewes Crct with Twins                               to £175 av £161

Mule Ewes Crct with Singles                             to £122

Mule Shlgs with Twins                                      to £230 av £211

Mule Ewes with 1.5                                           to £220 av £146

Mule Ewes BM with Twins                                 to £152 av £136

Mule Ewes BM with Singles                               to £100

Tex Ewes Crct with Twins                                  to £228 av £181

Tex Ewes Crct with Singles                                to £180 av £123

Tex Ewes with 1.5                                               to £202 av £136

Tex Shlgs with Singles                                        to £205

Tex Ewes BM with Twins                                    to £185 av £152

Tex Ewes BM with Singles                                  to £105

Suff Ewes with Twins                                          to £182

Suff Ewes with Singles                                        to £162

WFW Ewes with Twins                                        to £138

Chev Ewes with Twins                                        to £165

Welsh Mules BM with Twins                               to £148

Welsh Mules Crct with Twins                              to £165

Beltex 3shr with Twins                                       to £250

Beltex Ewe with 1.5                                            to £150

Beltex Shlg with Twins                                       to £260

Beltex Shlg with Single                                       to £190

Rouge Shlg with Twins                                        to £255

Rouge Ewe with 1.5                                             to £168

Char Ewe Crct with Single                                  to £120

Ped Tex Gimmer Lambs                                      to £200