Forward: 59 Prime cattle comprising 11 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 48 Cast Cattle. 2,119 Prime Sheep comprising 56 Spring Lambs, 1776 Old Season Lambs, 287 Cast Ewes & Rams. 715 Breeding Sheep. 30 Rearing Calves. 42 Dairy Cattle. 2 Loads of produce.

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

A light show of cattle and good trade with Mesrs CD&RF Kitching heading up the gross prices at £1401 for their 580kg Limousin cross heifer which sold to Keelham Farm Shop.  Top price p/kg was paid by Countrystyle Butchers at 260.5p for a 525kg Limousin cross heifer consigned by James Drake which grossed £1368. Next week is the May Prime Show and a good attendance of buyers is assured.


465-555kg                                             to 252.5p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 244.5p/kg                        av.232.5p/kg


485kg+                                                   to 260.5p/kg                        av. 222.12p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: JA Drake (BBx) 1394, CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 1365, (Limx) 1233, JR Metcalfe (Limx) 1351

p/kg: JR Metcalfe (Limx) 252.5, JA Drake (BBx) 244.5, CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 239.5,214.5


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1401, JR Metcalfe (BBx) 1388, (Limx) 1218, JA Drake (Limx) 1368,

p/kg: JA Drake (Limx) 260.5, JM Townsend (BBx0 242.5,  CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 241.5, JR Metcalfe (Limx) 236.5      


Cull Cow Prices

A good entry of cattle carrying finish carried over from the previous weeks Bank Holiday sale with trade strengthening by the week. Best dairies grossing over £1000 and Beef crosses headed up by D&J Isherwood with an Angus cow at £1293 and a 36 month old cow at 168.5p/kg

Overall Average                                   121.29p/kg           £821.01

Black & White                       to 127.5p/kg                        av. 114.75p/kg

Jersey                                     to 99.50p/kg

Danish Red                            to 113.5p/kg

Limx                                       to 139.5p/kg                        av.134.32p/kg

BBx                                         to 143.5p/kg                        av. 139.92p/kg

AAx                                         to 168.5p/kg                        av. 140.53p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: AP Townsend 1033, JD Taylor&Son 998, MP Jennings (Dairy) 955, N Parker 925, RW&M Walker 899, E&KM Marshall 891

p/kg: AP Townsend 127.5,124.5, PA Whitaker 125.5, N&SA Fort 124.5, M Baul7Sons Ltd 124.5, H Downs&Son 123.5, JD Crabtree&Son 123.5

Other Dairy

£ per head: S&PE Bowker & Son (Dan Red) 999, JP&KE Hartley (Jer) 522

p/kg: S&PE Bowker&Son (Swed Red) 113.5,  JP&KE Hartley (Jer) 99.5


£ per head: CH&OF Hammond (Limx) 1081, N Parker (BBx) 1054,  BL&R Lund (BBx) 1048,

p/kg: N Parker (BBx) 150.5, BL&R Lund (BBx) 143.5, CH&OF Hammond (Limx) 139.5, AE Schindler (BBx) 135.5


£ per head: D&J Isherwood 1293,843, 785,  G&MA Lawn 1208, 1011

p/kg: D&J Isherwood 168.5,152.5, 137.5, G&MA Lawn 140.5, 137.5,


2119 Prime Sheep

Sheep numbers holding up well for the time of year with over 2,000 head still penned for sale.

Spring Lambs were a decent trade again, and more customers operating this week. Top price of £126 was paid for a pen of 3 Continental cross 44kg lambs from Tom Walmsley of D&A Livestock in Haverah Park purchased by Countrystyle Meat of Lancaster, who purchased another pen at £124 from the same vendor. Mark Evans of Steeton had second highest price of £125 for Suffolk crosses and these made their way into Lancashire to Hamlets Butchers of Garstang. Geordie Parker from Slaidburn also made £124 of Charollais crosses purchased by Nick Dalby for Stephen Maskill, Quality Butchers in Hebden Bridge.
Thomas Walmsley of D&A Livestock also had top price per kilo of 295p, this time for a pen of 40kg Continentals selling to Countrystyle meat. John Barnes of Sawley made 290p of 41kg Texel crosses, the purchaser was Ali Shan of Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers.

A more mixed show of Old Season Lambs this week with less of the smart Beltex types in the entry than has been seen of late. Nick Capstick of Bolton By Bowland had top price of £110 selling to Nick Dalby on behalf of Kendalls Farm Butchers in Pateley Bridge and Harrogate, and Nick also made £109 each selling to James Robertshaw of Keelham Farmshops in Thornton and Skipton. Steve Baines of Sawley made £109 of Texels selling to Nick Dalby again for Kendalls Farm Butchers, whilst Henry Atkinson made £108 and £105 to Keelhams Farm Shop, and another pen at £107 to Kendalls Farm Butchers. Hill bred lambs were a shade easier than last week, but good Horned and Mule wethers still receiving a good following on the day.

There was a smaller show of cast sheep and these sold to a similar trade on the week, several pens of strong Mule Ewes selling well into the £80’s, and Heavy ewes to £129.50. The 287 total cast and feeding sheep averaged £69.68 each.

Spring Lambs  – Overall Average  £113.26 per head or 261.67p/kg       

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 295.0p/kg         av 266.19p/kg      or £111.91 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 255.1p/kg         av 248.82p/kg      or £120.14 per head

52.1kg and over                  to 228.3p/kg         av 220.00p/kg      or £121.00 per head


Suffolk average £119.61 per head or 255p/kg

£ per head:£125 ML Evans; £123 JP Barnes; £121x2 ML Evans; £120 D&A Livestock; £120 ML Evans

p/kg:278.6p, 272.7p D&A Livestock; 266.7p, 255.1p ML Evans; 251p JP Barnes

Texel average £111.8 per head or 265.87p/kg

£ per head: £126, £119 D&A Livestock; £119 JP Barnes; £118, £103 D Clarke; £100 JP Barnes

p/kg:290.2p JP Barnes; 286.4p, 283.3p D&A Livestock; 270.3p, 236.8p JP Barnes

Charollais average £111 per head or 264.81p/kg

£ per head: £124, £120, £118 D&A Livestock; £124 G&SE Parker & Son; £113, £110 CW Marwood & Son;

p/kg:295p, 285.7p, 275.6p D&A Livestock; 275p, 262.8p CW Marwood & Son



Old Season Lambs  – Overall Average  £77.10 per head or 174.04p/kg

32.1kg to 35.9kg                 to 243.0p/kg         av 161.2p/kg         or £55.13 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 288.0p/kg         av 178.6p/kg         or £75.24 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 229.8p/kg         av 175.1p/kg         or £83.60 per head

52.1kg and over                  to 183.9p/kg         av 156.6p/kg         or £84.61 per head

Beltex average £88.70per head or 225.3p/kg

£ per head: £110 £109 £96 £94 89 DN&D Capstick; £94.50 £90 Fox Farm; £92 £81.50 WA VJ JA Towler;

p/kg: 227.1p 223.8p 211.5p DN&D Capstick; £224.4p 222.9p WA VJ JA Towler; 219.8p 216.2p  Fox Farm

Suffolk average £78.39 per head or 177.1p/kg

£ per head:£85 E SImpson & Son; £84.50 D&J Isherwood; £84 W Crane;

p/kg:193.0p RJ Lambert; 179.1p S Dorey; 177.5p G&JN Booth;

Texel average £81.89 per head or 184.6p/kg

£ per head:£109 E&S Baines; £108 £106 £105 £103 H Atkinson; £102.50 W Crane;

p/kg: 229.8p 214.3p A Atkinson; 213.5p W Crane; 202.0p RJ Lambert;

Mule average £77.50 per head or 170.6p/kg

£ per head: £86 £84.50 £84 £82 £81.50 S Dorey; £83 DG Johnson; £80 G Thackray; £80 E Simopson & Son; £80x2 J Pickles;

p/kg: 183.0p 182.6p 181.1p 179.8p 173.1p 169.1p  S Dorey; 177.8p E Simpson & Son; 173.1p M Burrill;

Charollais average £83.40 per head or 181.7p/kg

£ per head: £96 H Atkinson; £87.50 M&E Thornber; £80 S Dorey; £77 SJ Sugden;

p/kg: 203.5p M&E Thornber; 181.1p H Atkinson; 173.9p S Dorey; 171.1p SJ Sugden

Masham average £84.22 per head or 175.8p/kg

£ per head: £87 £82 S Dorey

p/kg: 177.6p 174.5p S Dorey

Swaledale average £60.46 per head or 159.3p/kg

£ per head: £85 C Nelson & Son; £78 B&J Sutcliffe; £75 K Huck; £74 R&KA Burley; £73 AJ Mason; £71 JK Wilson;

p/kg: 173.3p 162.5p B&J Sutcliffe; 167.6p PL Metcalfe; 167.5p x4 S Dorey; 163.4p J Pickles; 160.9p R&KA Burley;

SBF average £81.85 per head or 180.29p/kg

£ per head: £89 £83.50 £78 J&E Slater;

p/kg: 185.4p 181.5p 177.3p J&E Slater;

Cheviot average £76.55 per head or 176.4p/kg

£ per head: £87 £78x2 F&M Parkinson; £81 GW Thackray; £78x3 AR&CA Parkinson;

p/kg: 189.1p 177.9p  F&M Parkinson; 181.7p 180.0p 179.5p FA Holmes;



Cull Ewes average £68.65

Suffolk to £88.50, Texel to £129.50, BFL to £76.50, Mule to £85.50, Lleyn to £70.50, Swaledale to £54.50, Charollais to £55.50, Zwartbles to £89.50, Beltex  to £82.50, Lonk  to £44.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £129.50 W Watson; £112.50 A&CL Gray; £109.50 JA&JH Hewetson

Mule/Masham: £85.50 T&G McGarrell; £81.50 J Brotherton; £80.50 F Webster;  

Horned: £54.50 JC&N Throup; £52.50 M&R Smith;

Hill: £70.50, £66.50 CD&RF Kitching;

Cast Rams average £73.04

Texel to £108.50 Swaledale to £69.50 Beltex to £85.50



Breeding Sheep


Another large show of over 300 outfits this week although trade not just as hot as last week with hoggs and lambs £15 per outfit cheaper. Older sheep however with strong lambs were good to sell.

Next week there is an entry of 850 Geld Gimmer Hoggs, 650 outfits of Hoggs with lambs and 250-300 Ewes with lambs at foot. Please note sale commences at 10.30am and is a fully catalogued sale.


Down x Ewe BM with Single                              to £96 RW Hebdon

Suffolk Ewe Crct with Single                              to £110 PA Eggleston

Suffolk Ewe Crct with Twins                              to £165 GE&M Stockill

Texel Ewe Crct with Single                                to £120 JS Stephenson

Texel Ewe BM with Single                                  to £LS Stephenson

Texel Ewe Crct with Twins                                 to £200 C Smith

Texel Ewe BM with Twins                                  to £160 RJ Umpleby

Texel Ewe with 1.5                                             to £175 JP Stirke

Texel Shlg with Singles                                       to £90 J Moore

Texel Shlg with Twins                                         to £200 C Smith

Texel Hoggs with Singles                                    to £200 IT Manning

Mule Ewe Crct with Singles                               to £102 RW Hebdon

Mule Ewe BM with Singles                                to £112 RD Metcalfe

Mule Ewe Crct with Twins                                 to £185 C Smith

Mule Ewe BM with Twins                                  to £150 RD Metcalfe

Mule Ewe Crct with 1.5                                     to £125 RW Hebdon

Mule Ewe BM with 1.5                                       to £135 DA&FR Gibbon

Mule Shlg with 1.5                                              to £90 J Moore

Mule Shlg with Twins                                          to £290 JR&EL Mawson

Mule Shlg with 1.5                                              to £182 GE&ME Stockill

Mule Hoggs with Sinlges                                    to £190 RG Johnson

Chev Ewe BM with Singles                                to £98 RW Hebden

Suffolk Half Bred Ewes with Singles                to £118 P Eggleston

Suffolk Half Bred Ewes with Twins                   to £165 P Eggleston


Rearing Calves to £380

B&W av £109.80 Cont av £303 Native av £215

A few less about today but a flying trade for the goods on offer especially the black and whites which saw an average of £109.69. British Blue saw some handy top prices with Malcolm Fewster topping the bulls at £380 and Fred Houseman £360 in the heifers with some plainer sort bringing the average back. 


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £340) to £340 D CLarke                         

Brit Blue x (Av £300) to £380 M Fewster                                                      

Aberdeen Angus (Av £200) to £200 M Fewster

Danish Red (Av £180 to £180 K&M Berry                     

Black & White (Av £109.80) to £165 J Gooch                               


Heifer Calves                                                                                       

Ab Angus (Av £230) to £230 Church Farm Enterprises

British Blue (Av £303.33) to £360 Church Farm Enterprises



Craven Dairy Auction (42 head) Including the Yorkshire Holstein Club Sale: to £3200

Buyers were drawn from far and wide to the Yorkshire Holstein Club sale with the furthest coming all the way from Sussex.

A strong turnout of dairy for the Late April Show and Sale which included the Yorkshire Holstein Club Show and Sale with William Oldfield handing out the prizes in the judging ring. It was Edward Fort’s heifer from the Silmoor Herd that caught his eye, giving 27 litres and calved 21 days he eventually chose it as his champion. The heifer by their homebred ‘Shottle’ Son ‘Silmoor Medallion’ went on to sell for £1800. The Reserve Champion from GB Moorhouse of Bell Busk faired well also with his entry ‘Aireburn Lineman Bowe’ who was calved three weeks and giving 29 litres sold to the Sowray Bros of Bishop Thornton. Other Noted prices were A&SL Throup with Dalesbrad Pan Ash Dawn 2 at £1850; Jennings Farmers with Abbeyhouse Imp Jen at £1800; A Lawson & Son at £1780 for Newbirks Heliotrope 369 at £1780.


Despite a healthy trade in the milkers it was the Bulls from Brian Moorhouse that stole the show with his 1st Prize bull selling to £2000 and his 2nd Prize Bull Aireburn Saturn selling to the sale top price of £3200 and heading to the Metcalfe family of Brearton.


It has been a while since John Beckwith of Gargrave has sold dairy stock in Skipton however it was a victorious return with both 1st and 2nd in class and joint top price with £1280 with John Roberts of Huddersfield and Duncan Holme of Beamsley also reaching £1280.   


A huge thank you to all vendors and purchasers for supporting today’s sale.


Judge – William Oldfield

Prize Awards:     
Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers          1st EJ Fort 2nd GB Moorhouse 3rd A Lawson & Son   
Newly Calven Heifers:                         1st SM&MT Stapleton 2nd DR Robinson 3rd SM&MT Stapleton

Newly Calven Cows:                            1st H Downs & Son

In-Calf Heifers:                                     1st JJ Beckwith & Son 2nd JJ Beckwith 3rd A Lawson & Son

Champion – EJ Fort             Reserve – GB Moorhouse


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers : av £1706 to £1950 GB Moorhouse


Newly Calven Heifers : av £1431 to £1780 DR Robinson


Newly Calven Cows av £1350 to £1350 H Downs & Son  


Incalf Heifers: av £1112.50 to £1280 JLP Roberts, £1280 GD&JC Holme; £1280 JJ Beckwith & Sons


Pedigree Dairy Bulls av £2100 to £3200 GB Moorhouse



Hay                                         Mini Hestons                        to £33 per bale

Barley/Oat Straw                Mini Hestons                        to £24.50 per bale