Forward: 90 Prime cattle comprising 22 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 3 Prime Bulls, 5 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 60 Cast Cattle 2,959 Prime Sheep comprising 2,470 Prime & Lightweight Lambs, 489 Cast Ewes & Rams 67 Rearing Calves 50 Dairy Cattle 4 Loads of produce

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

Monthly Show

The July Show was  well supported by vendors and purchasers alike with Keelham Farm Shop setting the pace by securing the Supreme Champion a 580kg British Blue Heifer consigned by Bill Cowperthwaite of Malham Moor for 281.5p/kg or £1633. With a number of high quality entries battling for the top honours the reserve champion was the first prize steer exhibited by Jim Baines of Trawden, a Limousin which weighed 620kg for 274.5p/kg £1702 and sold to Kitsons Butchers of Northallerton.

Bullocks –

1st J Baines; 2nd TW Cowperthwaite; 3rd S Bennett

Heifers –

1st TW Cowperthwaite; 2nd S Bennett; 3rd J Baines

Bulls –

1st 2nd 3rd C Crowther

Champion – TW Cowperthwaite                      Reserve – J Baines


465-555kg to 208.5p/kg av 207.98p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 275.5p/kg                        av 223.46p/kg


400-480kg to 207.5p/kg av 204p/kg

485kg+                                                   to 281.5p/kg                        av 240.54p/kg                     


Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head:  J Baines (Limx) £1702, TW Cowperthwaite (Lim) £1612,£1482, SD Bennett (Limx) £1448, C Crowther (Gal) £1100

p/kg: TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 275.5p, J Baines (Limx) 274.5p, TW Cowperthwaite 255.5p, SD Bennett (Limx) 247.5p.      


£ per head: TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) £1633 (BBx) £1552, SD Bennett  (Limx) £1434, H Downs & Son ( Limx) £1403 £1326 £1297, Amy Bradley (Limx) £1357

p/kg: TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 281.5p, (BBx) 267.5p, SD Bennett (Limx) 265.5p, Amy Bradley (Limx) 258.5p, H Downs & Son 257.5p 257.5p 249.5p


Prime Cattle (over 30mos)

Overall Average                                   125.79p/kg                           £870.48

Top Prices 3 per head and p/kg

B&W Hfrs

£ per head: GB Moorhouse 1025, M Ryder&Son 962, MR Smith 897

p/kg: GB Moorhouse 148.5, M Ryder&Son 140.5, RH Lofthouse 114.5.

Cull Cow Prices

Monthly Show

Dairy Bred

1st JP&KE Hartley                 2nd 3rd WP Gratton

Beef Bred

1st CT Akrigg          2nd R&KA Burley                   3RD Thwaite Bros


Overall Average                   113.02p/kg                           £729.92

Black & White                       to 132.5 p/kg                       av 108.95p/kg

Limx                                       to 157.5p/kg                        av 143.41p/kg

BBx                                         to 165.5p/kg                        av 136.19p/kg

Saler                                       to 99.5p/kg

British White                        to 105.5p/kg                        av 101.85p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: : R&E Butterfield  £1050, WP Gratton £1034 £984, JP&KE Hartley £1016, JD Crabtree & Son £992, GB Moorhouse £914

p/kg: WP Gratton 132.5p 131.5p 129.5p 125.5p JD Crabtree & Son  131.5p 128.5p I Wright 128.5p E&KM Marshall 124.5p

Brit Blue:

£ per head: CT Akrigg £1390 R&A Jennings £760

p/kg: CT Akrigg 165.5p R&A Jennings 123.5p


£ per head: CT Akrigg £1179 R&KA Burley & Son £1033 Thwaite Bros £969

p/kg: Thwaite Bros 157.5p CT Akrigg 146.5p R&KA Burley & Son 144.5p D&J Carlisle 123.5p


Overall Average                                   97.5p/kg               £853.13

British White

£ per head: MJ&PJ Campell 853

p/kg: MJ&PJ Campbell 97.5


Prime Sheep

An increased show of sheep met with a much sharper trad on the week, the average up 10p/kg for what was the largest show of lambs this season. Better lambs took the best lift, smart sorts especially well sought after, whilst a nicely finished prime lamb was also £4-£6 dearer on the week. The straight forward commercial types and plainer sorts were around £2-£3 dearer on the week. A few Mule wethers intoday and these sold for around 150p/kg.

In the prize show our thanks go to Mr Paul Watson for offering his expertise and his choice as champions this month came from Messrs Ellis Bros of Addingham Moorside. The pen of Beltex crosses raced away to £101 per head and were snapped up by Skipton regular Mr Andrew Atkinson of Felliscliffe purchasing on behalf of Hartshead Meats.

Monthly Show

Cont x

1st Ellis Bros, Addingham Moorside 42kg @ £101 each to Andrew Atkinson

2nd E&M Townley & Son, Clapham  weight 38kg @ £93.50 each to Vivers Scotlamb

3rd RH&MR Ireland, Whaley weight 39kg @ £80 each to Vivers Scotlamb

Suff x

1st  MJ Spensley, Elslack  weight 43kg @ £79 to Andrew Atkinson

2nd RA&M Earnshaw, Flasby weight 47kg @ £79 Nick Dalby

3rd J&A Spensley, Thorlby weight 44kg to £72 Riley Bros, Dunnockshaw


1st JC&N Throup, Draughton weight 47kg @ £70.50 to MacIntyre Meats, Bainbridge

2nd ASE Crisp & Son, Calton weight 42kg @ £65.50 to P Watson

3rd WR Verity, Middlesmoor weight 44kg @ £68 to P Watson


Champion – Ellis Bros weight 42kg @ £101 A Atkinson

Reserve – MJ Spensley weight 43kg £79 A Atkinson


Prime Sheep


Spring Lambs  – Overall Average  £69.11 per head or 165.52p/kg         

32.1kg to 39kg     to 246.2p/kg         av 172.1p/kg         or £65.30 per head

39.1kg to 45.5kg                 to 240.5p/kg         av 165.25p/kg      or £69.40 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 181.6p/kg         av 165.25p/kg      or £69.40 per head

Beltex average £82.62 per head or 206.94p/kg

£ per head: £91.50 E&M Townley & Son; £77 P Crabtree & Son; £75.50 HJ & JT Howarth; £68 RH&MR Ireland

p/kg: 223.2p E&M Townley; 204.1p HJ &JT Howarth; 197.4p P Crabtree & Son; 174.4p RH&MR Ireland

Suffolk average £66.60 per head or 158.85p/kg

£ per head: £82 GB Moorhouse; £80.50 RD Metcalfe & Son; £79 MJ Spensley; £79 RA&M Earnshaw; £73 TH Mellin

p/kg: 183.7p MJ Spensley; 178.3p GB Moorhouse; 173.1p RG Church Ltd; 171.3p, 170.2p B Spensley Ltd;

Texel average £69.65 per head or 166.99p/kg

£ per head: £101, £90 Ellis Bros; £93.50, £93, £89, £88 E&M Townley & Son; £88 AJ Taylor; £87 K Saffery; £87 PN Garth  

p/kg: 246.1p E&M Townley & Son; 240.5p Ellis Bros; 237.1p JJ Beckwith & Sons; 226.3p RH&MR Ireland

Mule average £63.99 per head or 150.31p/kg

£ per head: £70.50 JC&N Throup; £69 AW&EN Wade; £68 G&MA Lawn; £67.50 CR&J Kippax; £67 G&MA Lawn

p/kg: 156p ASE Crisp & Sons; 154.7p JC&N Throup; 154.5p GA Parker; 152.3p G&MA Lawn; 151.1p G&MA Lawn

Charollais average £70.19 per head or 168.32p/kg

£ per head: £85.50 E&M Townley; £81 JD&V Towers; £80 PJ &RH Wallbank; £80 E&M Townley £80 JD&V Towers

p/kg: 208.5p E&M Townley & Son; 200p JD&V Towers & Son; 181.8p E&M Townley & Son; 173.5p GT Carr


Cull Ewes average £60.51

Suffolk to £97.50, Texel to £126.50, BFL to £75.50, Mule to £76.50, Lleyn to £79.50, Swaledale to £51.50, Masham to £42.50, Gritstone to £51.50, Beltex  to £89.50, Lonk  to £44.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £126.50 JR Airey; £116.50, £111.50 W Watson; £97.50 JR Airey

Mule/Masham: £76.50 RA&M Earnshaw; £74.50 S Spensley; £71.50 RH&MR Ireland

Horned: £51.50 P Addyman & Son; £46.50, £45.50 RG Church Ltd

Hill: £51.50, £45.50 GT Carr;   

Cast Rams average £94.61

Texel to £118.50 TH Peel;  Charollais to £140.50 Lea & Son; Swaledale to £60.50 P Addyman & Son; Beltex to £54.50



Rearing Calves to £530

B&W av £103.04 Cont av £428 Native av £318

A similar show of 67 calves forward this morning, trade remained extremely buoyant with 48 black and white calves averaging £103.04 and were all genuine calves averaging 33 days of age. No record breakers today on the continentals today however there is a mighty average of £428 for continentals with Richard Sutcliffe of Queensbury receiving the top price for an exceptional British Blue heifer selling to £530 he also took the top price bull at £485.


Aberdeen Angus calf buyers were on a mission today with a brilliant run from Hartley’s at Bolton Abbey topping at £375 for a bull and £350 for a heifer all around 42 days old.


Bull Calves

Simmental x (Av £362.50) to £430 CN&SA Harrison                  

Brit Blue x (Av £427.50) to £485 P&RM Sutcliffe                        

Aberdeen Angus x (Av £313) to £375 JP&KE Hartley                                                                                                 

Black & White (Av £103.04) to £175 GT Booth                            


Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x to £190 D&J Herd                          

Brit Blue x (Av £452) to £530 P&RM Sutcliffe                              

Aberdeen Angus x (Av £310) to £350 JP&KE Hartley                                                 

Hereford to £340 HJ&K Blackwell                                                   


Craven Dairy Auction (50 head)

 A strong show of dairy beast with two dispersals present accounting for 1/3 of the show today. Judging carried out by Colin Whitelock chose the champion beast from a fine show of cattle eventually picking a sweet heifer from Robin Jennings, South Stainley.  A strong supporter of Skipton Dairy Sales Robin produced a fantastic pedigree heifer which was giving 31 litres, 11 days calved and sired by the well known REW Seaver sold for £1900 to the Gratton Family of Brimham Lodge.

Other noted prices were a strong run of quality goods from David Leeming which topped at £1800 for a storming 3rd Calver giving 50 litres to Tom Green of Wigan.

The thing to be selling today was the Incalf cattle despite only three they were a phenomenal  trade averaging £1443 and topping at £1470 for a August calving heifer from RA&HE Simpson, Easingwold.

The next sale is in three weeks with strong entries already coming forward lets ensure everyone selling is in the catalogue to attract buyers.  


Judge – Colin Whitelock

Prize Awards:      

Newly Calven Heifers:         1st GB Jennings                      2nd M Baul & Partners         3rd DR Robinson

Newly Calven Cows:            1st & 2nd DL Leeming            3rd J Wellock

In-Calf Heifers:                     1st RA&HE Simpson              2nd & 3rd S Oliver & Partners

Champion – GB Jennings                    Reserve – M Baul & Partners

Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers (7): av £1454.29 to £1900 GB Jennings


Newly Calven Heifers (8): av £1405.00 to £1620 GB Jennings


Brown Swiss Heifers (8): av £1218 to £1520 DL Leeming Ltd


Newly Calven Cows (14): av £1396.25 to £1800 DL Leeming Ltd


Pedigree Dairy Cows (2): av £1225 to £1490 A Lawson & Son


Stale Dispersal Cows (8): av £764 to £1120 DA Milner & Son  


Incalf Heifers (3): av £1443 to £1470 RA&HE Simpson




Hay                                         Round Bale            £21 per head