MARKET REPORT - TUESDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER: Second Show & Sale of North of England Mule Ewe Lambs on behalf of NEMSA Members. Forward: 7803 head at an overall average of £88.67 per head (- £17.38)

Second Show & Sale of North of England Mule Ewe Lambs onbehalf of NEMSA Members.

Forward: 7803 head at an overall average of £88.67 per head (- £17.38)


CCM Auctions held their 2nd Fortnightly Sale of North of England Mule Gimmer Lambs on behalf of members of NEMSA on Tuesday at Skipton. A large show of predominantly running lambs was presented for sale, with trade seen to be cheaper than the opening sale. Stronger lambs on the day found a decent following with numbers of these not as plentiful as usually seen at this sale, an obvious hangover from the poor spring weather conditions. Running lambs generally sold from £70 to £95, smartest end £90 to £100, but customers were definitely more cautious than usual. The prize show on the morning of sale produced the following results.






(PENS OF 10) Mr Simon Bennett & Mr James Towler

(PENS OF 20) Mr Nick Brown & Mr Malcolm Pearson


Pens of 10

1st KA&HL Fawcett sold for £165 to WA&VJ&JA Towler

2nd AJ Mason sold for £135 to P&E Fox

3rd WP&B Walker & Son sold for £170 to G Booth

4th N Heseltine sold for £130 RG Johnson & Son

5th AJ Mason sold for £ 135 to P&E Fox

6th Saddle End Farms sold for £138 to TR Thwaite


Pens of 20

1st AV Caton sold for £148 to SD Bennett

2nd WA &A Booth sold for £150 to J Wilson

3rd A Lodge sold for £147 to D&J Coates

4th KM&L Throup sold for £140 to J Roberts

5th AV Caton sold for £111 to KA Gill

6th J Smith sold for £100 to RM Whitehead


Principle Prices
£170 £135 WP&B Walker

£165 KA&HL Fawcett

£155 £140 £132 KM&L Throup

£150 WA&A Booth

£148 AV Caton

£147 £137 A Lodge

£138 Ellis Bros

£138 Saddle End Farms

£135x2 AJ Mason

£132 FA Caton

£130x2 E&SCL Harker

£130 N Heseltine

£130 CD&RF Kitching

£130 JC&N Throup


Highest Flock Average (100 or more lambs presented)

WP&B Walker & Son, Appletreewick            120 av £114.55

ASE Crisp & Son, Calton                                 121 av £114.48

WA&A Booth, Feizor                                       110 av £111.04

KM&L Throup, Silsden                                    218 av £110.35

JA Throup, Silsden                                          104 av £102.29

AV CAton, Otterburn                                       113 av £100.87

J&G Huck, Hubberholme                                102 av £96.13

K&GJ Huck, Austwick                                     152 av £95.22

JR Smith, Carleton                                          151 av £91.99

Ellis Bros, Addingham                                    240 av £91.53

Highest Flock Average (under 100 lambs presented)

A Lodge, Malham                                            50 av £133.40

S&T Fawcett, Barden                                     20 av £116.50

KA&HL Fawcett, Barden                                58 av £107.78

E&SCL Harker, Lofthouse                              94 av £106.60

EW&JR Parkinson, Dunsop Bridge               84 av £104.68

ST Gardner, Bleasdale                                   50 av £102.10

Saddle End Farms, Chipping                         60 av £102.08