Forward: 27 Prime cattle comprising 14 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 2 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 21 Cast Cattle. 1,891 Prime Sheep comprising 1,628 Spring Lamb & 263 Cast Ewes & Rams. 42 Rearing Calves. 60 Breeding Sheep.


Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

Top gross and price per kg was paid by Countrystyle Meats of Lancaster for a 550kg British Blue cross heifer purchased from RT&J Critchley&Sons of Hutton which at £1411 sold for 256.5p/kg. Keelham Farm Shop of Skipton was to the fore buying the top priced steer from Mesrs CD&RF Kitching, a 590kg Limousin cross consigned from their Threshfield holding which made 238.5p/kg or £1407. Demand for cattle was fair against a steady factory price with another returning retail customer at the ringside.


560kg+                                                   to 238.5p/kg                       av.238.01p/kg


400-480kg                                             to 222.5p/kg                        av.221.48p/kg

480kg+                                                   to 256.5p/kg                        av. 232.9p/kg


Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1407,1342

p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 238.5, 275.5


£ per head: RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 1411,(Limx) 1347, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1392,1324

p/kg: RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 256.5, (Limx) 240.5, 240.5,CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 248.5, 234.5.



Prime Cattle (over 30 mos)

Overall Average                                   166.61p/kg                           £949.66

Top Prices £ pre head and p/kg

£ per head: Alan Thompson Farms Ltd (BBx Hfr) 997,902

p/kg: Alan Thompson Farms Ltd (BBx Hfr) 170.5,162.5


Cull Cow Prices

Overall Average                                   101.80p/kg           £660.25

A slightly better entry of cattle carrying the right amount of finish assisted in producing a firmer price. More interest from feeders was also fuelled by more young cattle in the entry.

Black & White                      to 113.5p/kg                        av. 98.01p/kg

AA                                           to 119.5p/kg                        av. 117.95p/kg

BBx                                         to 130.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: CN&SA Harrison 863,732,710, J Gooch 788, JD Taylor&Son 727,712,667, JC&DJ Marshall&Sons 683

p/kg: CN&SA Harrison 113.5, 108.5, J Gooch 112.5, JC Marshall 109.5, JC&DJ Marshall 107.5, CJ&DD Drake 105.5


£ per head: D&J Isherwood (AA) 938,896

p/kg: D&J Isherwood 119.5, 116.5.

Brit Blue:

£ per head: SD Bennett 829

p/kg: SD Bennett 130.5


1,891 Prime Sheep comprising 1,628 Spring Lamb & 263 Cast Ewes & Rams

A much larger but very mixed show of lambs today with a very commercial being the order of the day with very few smart lambs on offer when compared to last week. Heavy Lambs agin sold well, with a top price of £130 per head for 60kg Texel’s from J Barnes, Clitheroe selling to A&D Meats Ltd. JW Stockdale, Burnsall made £124 of 56kg Texels to Kendalls Farm Butchers, whilst ML Evans, Steeton had a great run of Suffolk lambs topping at £120 for 50kg to Swaledale Foods. TH Mellin from Black Lane Ends was towards the top end of prices again with 49kg at £119, 48kg at £115, 51kg at £115 and 50kg at £114. FW Eddington Bell Busk had 52kg at £119 to Countrystyle Farmshop & Restaurant, whilst MJ Spensley Elslack made £118 of 52kg Suffolks. Pence per kilo saw Thomas Boothman Linton top the sale at 256p 41kg £105 to Hartshead Meat Co Ltd Mossley and GA Hewitt & Sons Giggleswick were in the money at 252.4p 42kg £106 to L Wood & Son Scammonden. TA Robinson Longridge made 251.1p 45kg £113 to Hartshead Meat Co. The majority of ¾ bread lambs on the day were 230p to 250p, heavier lambs 45kg to 50kg were mainly around 220p or above, this weight category averaging  £105.71 per head. Handy weight and lighterweight lambs saw commercials mainly selling from 210p to 225p per kilo, the 36kg to 45kg weight bracket averaging £90.30 per head. Overall sale averages and breeds breakdown as below.
A handful of hoggs were a very sharp trade, topping £120 for Charollais crosses from Church Farm Enterprises, whilst Ewes and Rams followed suit averaging £77 across the board for all breeds. Best heavy ewes £100 to £130, other good Continental and Suffolk crosses in the £90’s. Heavy but lean Mules were in the £80’s, next grade in the £70’s. Horned ewes were a nice trade, John Addyman Skipton selling Swaledales to £72.50, others late £50’s to mid £60’s.


Spring Lambs – Overall Average £90.85 per head or 217.92p/kg           

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 227.3p/kg         av 211.01p/kg      or £73.23 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 256.1p/kg         av 217.65p/kg      or £90.30 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 242.9p/kg         av 221.13p/kg      or £105.71 per head

52.1kg and over   to 221.4p/kg         av 216.57p/kg      or £122.00 per head


Charollais average £88.95 per head or 211.3p/kg

£ per head: £111.5 M&B Allen; £108 MJ Spensley; £105.5 J Turner; £101.5 WM Hall; £98 A&P Fletcher; £91.5 JE Strainge

p/kg:237.2p M&B Allen; 234.4p J Turner; 229.8p MJ Spensley; 227.3p A&J Bancroft; 223.2p A&J Bancroft;

Suffolk average £95.09 per head or 208.4p/kg

£ per head: £120 ML Evans; £118 MJ Spensley; £115, £114 TH Mellin; £113 MJ Spensley; £112.5 TA Robinson; £110.5 TH Mellin;

p/kg: 244.4p, 240p ML Evans; 238.6p MJ Spensley; 231.1p CD&RF Kitching; 230p B Spensley Ltd; 228p TH Mellin;

Texel average £90.45 per head or 217.9p/kg

£ per head: £130 J Barnes; £124 JW Stockdale; £119 TH Mellin; £119 FW&JM Edington; £115 TH Mellin; £113 JW Stockdale;

p/kg: 252.4p GA Hewitt; 247.6p A&EM Ashby & Son; 244p M&B Allen; 243p J Turner; 242.9p M Crabtree;

Beltex average £100.08 per head or 236.9p/kg

£ per head: £113 TA Robinson; £110 T Boothman; £109.5 TA Robinson; £109 JJ Beckwith; £105 D&A Livestock;

p/kg:256.1p T Boothman; 251.1p TA Robinson; 247.7p JJ Beckwith; 243p TA Robinson; 239.1p T Boothman

Mule average £77.83 per head or 183.0p/kg

£ per head; £85 CD&RF Kitching; £80 FG Throup; £77, £76 JC&N Throup; £74.5 C Nelson;

p/kg; 187.8p JC&N Throup; 185p CD&RF Kitching; 181.8p FG Throup; 181.7p C Nelson; 181p JC&N Throup;

Prime Hoggs Principle prices

£120 £108 £85 Church Farm; £96 R&N Carlisle; £79 I Kinder;     


Cull Ewes average £77.56

Suffolk to £111.50, Texel to £130.50, BFL to £73.50, Mule to £87.50, Kerry Hill to £70.50, Swaledale to £72.50, Charollais to £105.50, Teeswater to £69.50, Zwartable to £115.50, Herdwick to £54.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £130.50 £111.50 P Watson; £111.50 A&P Fletcher;

Mule/Masham: £87.50 AN Bolland; £85.50 JA Throup;  

Horned: £72.50 P Addyman; £66.50 KM&L Throup;

Hill: £54.50 M Vann;  

Cast Rams average £95.75

Texel to £137.50, Dalesbred to £62.50, Beltex  to £72.50.




Rearing Calves to £400 X5 (42)

B&W av £150 Cont av £366.52 Native av £164.14

£400 seemed to be the stopping point for best calves today with five bulls realising this price throughout the sale. David Smith of Sutton in Craven had a cracking pen of Charolais calves presented today with two making £400 and averaging £393 for his run.


BBx Calves saw a very similar trade with a bull average of £373 with three different vendors sharing the top price of £400. Black and whites saw a very strong trade with just six dairy bulls to pick from trade was fierce with the best Friesian bull from Richard Spence selling for £190.


A handful of native calves met a Sturdy trade with Angus bulls to £265 and an Angus Heifer to £280, however some younger natives were finding homes at £100 - £150.


Principle Prices; £400 x2 C Smith; £400 JC Marshall; £400 J&SA Lancaster; £400 HJ&K Blackwell; £390 RM Spence; £390, £385 C Smith; £375 x2 J&SA Lancaster; £370 MD&HE Wallbank 


Bull Calves

Brit Blue x (Av £373.33) to £400 JC Marshall; £400 J&SA Lancaster; £400 HJ&K Blackwell                              

Charolais x (Av £393.75) to £400 x2 C Smith;

Aberdeen Angus (Av £265) to £265 AJ Lee;

Hereford X (Av £130) to £140 ID&JC Briggs;

Norwegian Red (Av £180) to £180 H&M Dugdale & Son

Black & White (Av £150) to £190 RM Spence                              


Heifer Calves       

Hereford x (Av £100) to £100 ID&JC Briggs                                                  

Ab Angus (Av £212.5) to £280 AJ Lee                                                            

Charolais (Av £292.5) to £310 C Smith

British Blue (Av £290.52) to £340 Church Farm Enterprises

Lim (Av £280) to £280 MD&HE Wallbank



60 Breeding Sheep 

Sheep with Lambs at foot continue week by week, and we will continue to selling them every week at 11:30am. 20 outfits today, all Hill Cheviot Ewes 3&4shr correct with twins selling at £175 per outfit. 

Cheviot Ewes with Twins                   to £175