WINTER SALE OF IN LAMB PEDIGREE BELTEX ON BEHALF OF THE NORTHERN CLUB Forward: 12 head of Pedigree Beltex The 4th winter sale for The Northern Club saw a small entry but a flying trade with a fantastic Beltex Ewe lamb from the Rathbone flock of Michael and Daughter Becky Davies which went on to sell for 1300gns. All on offer sold well above expectation with Stuart Currie making 600gns with an aged ewe and the Davies family making 800gns twice with some strong Shearling ewes.



Judge Mrs Val Brown
CLASS 1 – Best Ewe
1st – S Currie Lot 111 sold 600gns
2nd – MR Davis Lot 115 sold 450gns
3rd – MR Davis Lot 114 sold 450gns
CLASS 2 – Best Shearling Ewe
1st – MR Davis Lot 116 sold 800gns
2nd – MR Davis Lot 117 sold 800gns
CLASS 3 – Best Ewe Lamb
1st –  MR Davis Lot 121 sold 1300gns
2nd – MR Davis Lot 122 sold 500gns
3rd – S Currie Lot 119 Unsold
CHAMPION – MR Davis Lot 121 sold 1300gns
RESERVE  – MR Davis Lot 116 sold 800gns

Gimmer Lambs –  Av £462 (2014 £315)
Shearling Gimmers –   Av £302 (2014 £658)
Aged Ewes –  Av £253 (2014 £462)