Forward – 139 Store & Breeding Cattle, 322 Native & Rare Breed Sheep, 118 Goats & Pigs, 389 Pens of Poultry & Waterfowl; 38 Lots of Equipment & Hatching Eggs

Craven Feather Auction

3 RIR Pullets                            to £85

Pair Mallard Call Ducks          to £80

Trio White Silkies                    to £75

Trio Black Silkies                     to £75

Trio Partridge Whitedotte        to £70

Trio Light Sussex                     to £68

Trio Houdan                            to £65

4 Ancona Free Range              to £62

3 Crested Cream Legbar         to £58



Breeding Cattle

Shorthorn Cow & Calf             to £2000

Galloway Cow & Calf              to £1080

Galloway Cow                         to £370

Dexter Bull                              to £680

Pedigree Hereford Heifer       to £1365


Bull Stirks

B&W                to £215

Hereford         to £375

Simmental       to £475

Limousin          to £415

Brit Blue          to £530

Galloway         to £670

Ab Angus         to £200


Steer Stirks

B&W                to £520

Limousin          to £280

Brit Blue          to £600

Jersey              to £150

Shorthorn        to £600

Ab Angus         to £490

Blue/Grey        to £760


Heifer Stirks

B&W                to £190

Hereford         to £290

Charollais        to £510

Simmental       to £550

Limousin          to £660

Brit Blue          to £630

Shorthorn        to £1450

Galloway         to £250

Ab Angus         to £700



Wensleydale Longwool Sheep

Aged Rams                  to 340gns                    JN&SM Prescott

Shearling Rams           to 390gns                    JN&SM Prescott

Ram Lambs                 to 250gns                    J McHardy

Aged Ewes                   to 100gns                    T Hailstone

Shearling Ewes            to 380gns                    A Fisher

Ewe Lambs                  to 190gns                    J McHardy


Jacob Sheep

Aged Rams                  to 100gns                    E Wilson

Shearling Rams           to 500gns                    RF&DJ Price

Ram Lambs                 to 400gns                    K Gaskell

Aged Ewes                   to 750gns                    DJ Price

Shearling Ewes            to 420gns                    GP Haworth

Ewe Lambs                  to 600gns                    JA Lewis



Doset Ewe Lambs                                            to £120 S Smith

White Faced Ewe Lambs                                 to £131 RF&DJ Price

Grey Faced Dartmoor Shlgs                            to £178 P Paisley

White Faced Shearling Gimmer                     to £204 JL Beardwell

Zwarable Shearling Gimmer                          to £320 TA McDonald

Ryeland Ewe                                                   to £136 P Gallie

White Faced Ewe                                            to £141 JF Norcross

Ryeland Ram Lamb                                         to £262 SR Hipps

White Faced Ram Lamb                                 to £210 RF&DJ Price

Ryeland Shearling                                           to £147 JA Thornton

Kerry Hill Shearling Ram                                to £75 J Wood

Ryeland Ram                                                   to £94 P Gallie                                   

Kerry Hill Ram                                                to £89 J Wood

Jacob Store Lambs                                          to £57 S Moore



Brit Alp Nanny                                                 to £77              S Smith

Tog Nanny                                                       to £70              OM Dawson

Nubian Billy                                                     to £65              K Middleton

Billy Goat                                                        to £63              I Sleightholme



Store Sows                                                       to £91              JW&DI Wainhouse




Cattle –

Female Cattle:

1st H&J Elliot Lot 402


Sheep –

Primitive Male:

1st M&M Parkin

2nd AP Whitehead

Shetland Female:

1st M&M Parkin

2nd M&M Parkin

Hebridean Male:

1st Mrs Shevelan

2nd M&M Parkin

Hebridean Shearling Ewe:

1st M&M Parkin

Hebridean Gimmer Lamb:

1st J&J Barker

Ryeland Male:

1st J Thornton

2nd SR Hipps

3rd P Gaille

Ryeland Female:

1st P Gaille

2nd T Hallstone

3rd P Gaille

Hill & Heath Male

1st P Paisley

2nd RF&DJ Price

3rd Denton & Bramwell

Hill & Heath Female

1st I Griesdale

2nd P Paisley

3rd I Griesdale

Champion – I Griesdale – Herdwick Female

Reserve – J Thornton – Ryedale Male