Rhode Island Reds head Craven Feather Auctions pecking order Rhode Island Red poultry breeder Trevor Hardaker, of Lower Dunsforth, between Boroughbridge and York, was champion with three 22-week-old point of lay pullets at the Craven Feather Auctions summer show and sale of poultry and waterfowl at Skipton Auction Mart.

Mr Hardaker, who has been breeding Yorkshire canaries virtually all his life and has won a host of show awards with them, started with Rhode Island Reds when he retired from his own joinery business around seven years ago.


He has made his mark in the show arena with the larger birds, though this was his first championship success at Skipton. His title winners went on to sell for £85, top price in show, to JH Whalley, of Oswaldtwistle In Lancashire..


Show judge Ernest Bailey, of Clitheroe, a member of Ribble Valley Poultry Club, awarded the reserve championship to a trio of 2014 Black Leghorn from D Wilkinson, of Clitheroe. They sold for £50 to J Nicholson, of Huddersfield.


The red rosette winners in the waterfowl show class were a pair of 2014-hatched female White Call Ducks from D Hotham, of Harrogate, which also made £50 on joining Rossendale’s J Whinfield.


Of particular interest to poultry breeders will be the next Craven Feather Auctions on Saturday, October 11, which for the first time will be stewarded by Craven Poultry Keepers Club and feature several new ‘Blue Ribbon’ card-graded classes judged on quality, with expert feedback from experienced poultry keepers overseen by Edward Boothman, of Silsden, chairman of both the Craven club and The Poultry Club of Great Britain. These will be repeated during 2015.


A further Craven Feather Auctions is scheduled for Saturday, November 8, with the high profile Christmas show and sale due to take place on Saturday, December 13.