CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of 105 Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle A busy grass day meant for a quieter ringside of buyers for today’s sale. Trade was also impeded by the falling finished beef price with most buyers looking to buy cattle for less. Best well grown cattle for their age could still make good money. Thomas Atkins would see £300+ for some lovely runs of Friesian bullocks with Suckler bred cattle selling away nicely for well shaped consignments from vendors such as Messrs Cornforth of Thornton seeing £825 for some British Blue heifers and Messrs Ireland of Waddington seeing a pen of yearling bullocks to £730.


Forward –

Head of cattle: 105



Galloway                             to £110

Limousin                             to £585

Shorthorn                           to £330

Hol/ Fries                            to £340

Highland                             to £350

Hereford                             to £315

Charollais                            to £480




Brit Blue              to £655 av £530

Limousin             to £730 av £720

B&W                     to £360 av £238

Charollais            to £565

Ab  Angus            to £620

Hereford             to £375

Flekvieh              to £415

Simmental          to £640



Brit Blue              to £825 av £585

Limousin             to £685 av £600

Hereford             to £505

An Angus             to £510

Blonde                                 to £590


Breeding /Store Sheep & Goats


Zwartble Ewes to £90

Hebridean Ewes with Lambs to £60