Forward: 48 Prime cattle comprising 21 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 1 Prime Bull & 24 Cast Cattle. 1,792 Prime Sheep comprising 599 Spring Lambs, 808 Prime & Mature Hoggs & 385 Cast Ewes & Rams. 45 Rearing Calves. 591 Breeding Sheep. 10 Dairy.

EVERY MONDAY AT 11:30am – Ewes with Lambs at Foot –
Entries to the office by 12noon Friday prior to sale please.

Saturday 28th May @ Darlington.
Please visit our trade stand for drinks and refreshments and some craic. Thankyou.

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos) Sales every Monday at 11:30am

An excellent show of clean cattle helped to limit the extent of any reduction in trade brought about the variable retail demand. The top gross prices came from the pen of Hargreaves Farms, Walton le Dale with 2 steers breaking the £2000 barrier, both Limousins at 725kg and 715kg which joined Ralph Pearsons in Bradford at £2077 (286.5p/kg) and £2056 (287.5p/kg). Best heifer was a 620kg Limousin at £1807 or 291.5p/kg consigned by CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield which sold to Ralph Pearson. Pearsons were also on the mark in the retail weights securing the highest price by weight at 315.5p/kg or £1798 a Limousin cross heifer from RT&J Critchley&Sons from Hutton. The male equivalent was a 545kg British Blue cross at 307.5p/kg or £1676 from F&B Smith of Masongill which sold to Robertshaws Farm Shop at Thornton along with a second entry from the same farming partnership, a 565kg British blue cross at 306.5p/kg (£1732).



465-555kg                                             to 397.5p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 306.5p/kg                        av.290.74p/kg


400-480kg                                             to 297.5p/kg

485kg+                                                   to 315.5p/kg                        av.287.97p/kg


560kg+                                                   to 178.5p/kg


Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: Hargreaves Farms (Limx) 2077,2056, 1992, 1952, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1814, 1725, E&M Townley&Son 1732  

p/kg: F&B Smith (BBx) 307.5,306.5, E&M Townley&Sons (Limx) 306.5, Hargreaves Farms (Limx)293.5,287.5,286.5, TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 287.5


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1807,1794,1656, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1798, 1699, TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 1749, TK Drinkall (BBx) 1691, (Limx) 1647,

p/kg: RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 315.5, TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 301.5, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 296.5,291.5, TK Drinkall (BBx) 291.5,289.5


£ per head: Pemberton Farms (AA) 1437

p/kg: Pemberton Farms (AA) 178.5



Cull Cow Prices Sales every Monday at 11:30am

Cast cows are still a very strong trade despite a reduced average on paper which reflects a higher percentage of worn cows. Heavier dairies are 165p+ and the steaking cows 145-150p.Plain dairies 120-130p. Non UK, orange market dairies to 143.5p/kg. Meated native breed cows 170-190p and just an odd plain Continental at 129.5p/kg.


Overall Average                                   152.97p/kg                           £990.50

Black & White                      to 174.5p/kg                        av.142.95p/kg

MRI                                         to 177.5p/kg                        av.176.99p/kg

Hefd                                       to 193.5p/kg

AAx                                         to 190.5p/kg                        av. 181.58p/kg

BBx                                         to 129.5p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: RD Metcalfe&Son 1239, M Baul&Sons Ltd 1227,1223,1076, PA Whitaker 1171, JP&KE Hartley 1132, F Webster 1012

p/kg: RD Metcalfe&Son 174.5, PA Whittaker 168.5, M Baul&Sons Ltd 167.5,161.5, JP&KE Hartley 166.5, RM Spence 158.5

Other Dairy

£ per head:

p/kg: N&R Sutcliffe (MRI) 177.5,176.5


£ per head: D&J Carlisle (BBx) 745

p/kg: D&J Carlisle (BBx) 129.5


£ per head: J&D Barrett (AAx) 1629, DA&SA Fort (Hefd) 1296, (AAx) 1026, PA Whitaker (AAx) 1285

p/kg: D&SA Fort (Hefd) 193.5, (AAx) 172.5, J&D Barrett (AAx) 190.5, PA Whitaker (AAx) 178.5, D&SA Fort (AAx) 172.5



Prime Sheep Sales Every Monday at 12:30pm

1,792 Prime Sheep comprising 599 Spring Lambs, 808 Prime & Mature Hoggs & 385 Cast Ewes & Rams


Twice as many Spring Lambs about today, and a very nice trade too, especially for heavier lambs full of meat that were in high demand.

Top price per head went to Ryan Bailey who made the trip over from Humanby at Filey with some quality heavies, the best of which made £195 at 60kg or 325p, with 57kg at £193 and 56kg at £187 and 52kg at £180 from the same home.
David & Dee Holmes of Arthington, Otley sold 58kg at £187, whilst Joe & Trevor Stoney of Bewerley, Pateley Bridge made £180 of 49kg. Other quality heavies £160 to £180. Commercial Mediums and heavy’s 310p to 330p.
Handyweights were highly sought after today too, with Peter Fox, t/a Fox Farms Clitheroe making 415pwith 42kg’s at £175. Nick Thompson from Oakworth, Keighley was in the monmey with Charollais crosses at 383p (43kg £165), whilst PB Fox & Son of York hit 377p (45kg £170) followed at 373p (42kg £157) for Tony & Kay Kiernan of St Michaels Preston. Better handyweights generally around the 345p to 36p mark, commercial goods 325p to 340p.

A decent number forward with 800 penned for sale and an overall average of 251p including the teeth up hoggs and very varied selection for quality would be a nice result. Definitely beginning to have a very end of season feel about the entry now with a marked price difference between hoggs off good keep or nicely finished, to those that are real tail enders.
Heavies with meat £135 plus, with best smart quality sorts £145 plus to a top of £169 for 60kg Continentals from Paul Baines of Gisburn who also 54kg at £166, 50kg at £155 and 52kg at £162. Any heavys well finished were an excellent trade, good meat teeth up hoggs also finding favour, but for anything not just finished right the edge was off.
Lowland handy and light weights had the smart end 280p to 300p., with the best quality 300p to 315p, with J Baines 330p and A Fletcher 334p. Again, meat selling well, anything leaner selling at a price to suit.
On this reckoning there is still a decent demand for hoggs and more needed for next week please.


No let up in trade with Horned and Hill ewes dearer on the week with some fat ewes just a shade easier. Mules sold to £148.50 from JH Throup, Silsden. Large mules £125-£135 and mediums £110-£120. Lean ewes £100-£115 with plain mules £75-£100. Swale ewes dearer with plenty of pens exceeding £100. Medium full meat ewes £95-£110 with heavier end selling up to £119.50 from KM&L Throup, Silsden and from J Blakey & Son, Harrogate. Lean ewes with half meat £70-£85 and lean ewes with frame £90-£95 plain ewes sold £40-£68.
Top price Texel tup from D&J Isherwood, Kildwick sold to £247.50. Best selling ewes with weight £180-£194.50. A Lot of mediums forward today with trade being around £130-£150 depending on style. Lean white-faced ewes £100-£125. Some plain feeding ewes forward selling at £70-£100. Cheviots sold to £148.50 CR& M Wilson, Blackburn. Herwick ewes with full meat £100-£109.50. Down X ewes £170-£189.50 for size.


Spring Lambs – Overall Average £142.61 per head or 330.4p/kg           

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 416.7p/kg         av 333.07p/kg      or £138.84 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 370.2p/kg         av 323.6p/kg         or £155.01 per head

52.1kg and over   to 338.6p/kg         av 314.5p/kg         or £174.83 per head


Texel average £143.35 per head or 336.2p/kg

£ per head: £187 FA Holmes; £180 £175 £166 JA Stoney; £173 £163 TH Mellin; £170 PB Fox; £163 TH Mellin;

p/kg: 377.8p PB Fox; 373.8p 369.8p A&K Kiernan; 371.4p S Spensley; 370.0p FA Holmes; 369.8p TA Robinson;

Suffolk average £139.92 per head or 323.5p/kg

£ per head: £178 £171 £69 £168 £167 £166 ML Evans; £174 K&J Marshall; £166 L Mellin;

p/kg: 351.1p 343.8p ML Evans; 346.3p SP&VM Morris; 344.4p Th Mellin; 343.5p H Raw; 341.9p FA Holmes;

Charolais average £144.23 per head or 323.6p/kg

£ per head: £195 £187 £180 £179 £178 £174 £172 £164 RJ Bailey;

p/kg: 364.4p 358.3p 358.0p 356.0p 348.0p RJ Bailey; 355.1p J Fisher; 347.5p T&H Kilby;

Beltex average £140.37 per head or 351.2p/kg

£ per head: £193 £174 RJ Bailey; £175 £135 Fox Farm; £165 £135 RN Thompson; £146 A Brown;

p/kg: 416.7p Fox Farm; 383.7p RN Thompson; 370.2p R Bailey; 352.9p 350.0p 347.6p A Brown;

Zwartable average £163.25 per head or 335.2p/kg

£ per head: £175 £165 £155 £148 GT Booth;

p/kg: 366.7p 350.0p 321.7p 300.0p GT Booth;


Prime & Mature Hoggs – Overall Average £114.84 per head or 251.8p/kg         

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 285.3p/kg         av 209.7p/kg         or £72.39 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 313.8p/kg         av 255.7p/kg         or £105.38 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 334.0p/kg         av 261.3p/kg         or £125.59 per head

52.1kg and over   to 307.4p/kg         av 240.5p/kg         or £137.72 per head


Beltex average £117.10 per head or 265.3p/kg

£ per head: £165 J Baines; £133 J&J Garnett; £130 £128 C Buckley;

p/kg: 330.0p J Baines; 301.3p 297.4p 285.3p I&J Smith; 289.1p J&J Garnett; 288.9p C Buckley;

Texel average £124.55 per head or 266.4p/kg

£ per head: £169 £166 £162 J Baines; £159 D&J Isherwood; £159 JT Rushton; £157 A Fletcher;

p/kg: 334.0p A Fletcher; 313.0p K Marshall; 311.5p 309.5p 307.0p 302.0p J Baines;

Suffolk average £115.16 per head or 237.8p/kg

£ per head: £148 £140 F Reeday & Son; £136 £130 AN Bolland;

p/kg: 259.2p J&I Watt; 252.2p 245.8p 241.2p BJ&L Sutcliffe;

Mule average £106.21 per head or 218.2p/kg

£ per head: £125 £110 H&M Plews; £119 J&C Wright; £119 WG&YB Walmsley; £114 GW Houseman;

p/kg: 277.8p H&M Plews; 270.5p WG&YB Walmsley; 258.7p J&C Wright; 251.2p DA Dobson;

Swaledale average £78.43 per head or 193.6p/kg

£ per head: £104 J Baines; £100 J Blakey; £100 H&M Plews; £98 FA Holmes;

p/kg: 236.4p J Baines; 233.3p FA Holmes; 233.3p TH Atkins; 230.8p AR&CA Parkinson;  

SBF average £102.67 per head or 258.4p/kg

£ per head: £108.50 £108 AR&CA Parkinson;

p/kg: 271.3p 263.4p AR&CA Parkinson;



Cull Ewes average £126.16

Suffolk to £183.50, Texel to £194.50, Blue Texel to £167.50, Mule to £148.50, Lleyn to £131.50, Swaledale to £119.50, Masham to £111.50, Cheviot to £148.50, Beltex to £179.50, Lonk to £54.50. Down x to £179.50, Charollais to £194.50, Blue due Maine to £121.50, Dalesbred to £77.50, Jacob to £79.50, Herdwick to £109.50

Top prices:

Lowland: £194.50 EP&JM Hutchinson; £194.50 R Bailey;

Mule/Masham: £148.50 JH Throup; £147.50 M Crabtree;  

Horned: £119.50 KM&L Throup; £119.50 J Blakey;

Hill: £148.50 CR&M Wilson; £134.50 CJ&LJ Holt;  


Cast Rams average £175.03

Suffolk to £139.50, Texel to £247.50, BFL to £167.50, Charollais to £197.50, Down x to £92.50



45 Rearing Calves to £490 Sales Every Monday at 10:30am


Trade can only be described as tremendous with all classes of continentals in serious demand. Blue bulls sold to a top price of £490 from RE Ayrton & Son, Eastby. All best bulls £400+ with strong making sorts with good ends £430 plus. Mediums blue bulls under 4 weeks of age £360-£390 with a few plainer bobbies less. Blue heifers sold to £460 from P&RM Sutcliffe, Queensbury. Best heifers £380 plus and mediums £300-£340. Younger end heifers £260-£290. Angus bulls sold to £325 from RM Shakleton, Broughton and heifers sold to £250 from the same vendor. Angus bulls all sold from £275-£25 and heifers £140-£150. Char X bulls from J Peel, Gisburn sold to £400 whilst Lim X bulls from G Pickersgill & Sons, Hawksworth sold at £450, £460 and £465 for their 1-month-old calves.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £458) to £465                                           G Pickersgill                                                         

Brit Blue x (Av £377) to £490                                           RE Ayrton & Son                                                 

Aberdeen Angus (Av £293) to £325                RM Shackleton    

Simmental (Av £350) to £350                                          J Peel     

Charollais (Av £400) to £400                                            J Peel                     


Heifer Calves       

Aberdeen Angus (Av £175) to £250                RM Shackleton                                                                                                   

Welsh (Av £185) to £185                                                   P&RM Sutcliffe                                   

British Blue (Av £347) to £460                                         P&RM Sutcliffe                                   

Charollais (Av £240) to £240                                            J Peel                                     



591 Breeding Sheep Sales Every Monday at 11:30am


A large sale today for our second Show & Sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot in conjunction with the Pennines Hill Sheep Sale and a sale ring with the largest crowd of buyers present seen this season!
Hoggs and Lambs sold to £310 for the 1st Prize pen from Nick & Charlotte Brown of Lancaster who sold 5 Texels with Singles at this price. However their second prize pen bettered this by making £315 per outfit, they also sold a third pen at £295 per outfit.
Mule Hoggs sold to £230 for a pen of 10 with singles from HF Stubbs & Son Rathmell. Other better pens of strong Mule & Texel Hoggs with Singles £200 plus. Nice sorts £180 to £200, commercial types £150 to £175.
A shortage of young lowland ewes today, seeing Shearlings Twins to £300 from A Neal and Shearling Singles to £230 from the same vendor.
Older Lowland Sheep a sharp trade, especially with strong lambs. Texel Twins to £270 from C Fewster, Texel Twins including b/m ewes £265 from RJ Bailey, and good Mules with Twins at £260 from CJ Wardle & Son Bugthorpe.
The Hill Sheep Sale had a good following, Messrs Bland of Crowden House, Glossop setting the trade alight with Swaledale Ewes and Single Gimmer Lambs to £305, others at £290 and £245.
Other runs of hill sheep included Herdwick Singles to £110, Swaledale Ewes inc b/m with 1.5 Texel Lambs to £125, Lonk Ewes same description with 1.5 lambs to £132. More Sheep required each week.

EVERY MONDAY AT 11:30am – Ewes with Lambs at Foot –
Next Monday is our Inaugural Spring Sale of MV Acc and non Acc Blue Texel Females followed by Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs. Blue Texel Catalogue available this week. All further commercial sheep entries to the office by 12noon Friday for inclusion in catalogue.


2nd Show & Sale

Pen of 5 Hoggs & Lambs

1st NL&CJ Brown

2nd NL&CJ Brown

3rd D&J Coates

Single Swale Ewe with Single Lamb

1st JH&J Bland

2nd JH&J Bland


Texel Ewe with Single Lambs                           to £210 av £174                  A Neal

Texel Ewe with Twin Lambs                             to £270 av £266                  C Fewster

Texel Ewe with 1.5 Lambs                                 to £255                                  RJ Bailey

Texel Shrlg with Single Lambs                          to £230 av £223                  A Neal

Texel Shrlg with Twin Lambs                            to £300 av £291                  A Neal

Texel Hoggs with Single Lambs                        to £315 av £236                  NL&CJ Brown

Texel Hoggs with Twin Lambs                          to £230                                  JW Stockdale

Mule Ewe with Single Lamb                             to £165 av £156                  B&LN Dibb

Mule Ewe with Twin Lambs                              to £260 av £236                  CJ Wardell

Mule Ewe with 1.5 Lambs                                 to £165                                  CJ Wardell

Mule Hoggs with Single Lambs                        to £315 av £186                  HF Stubbs

Swaledale Ewe with Single Lamb                    to £305 av £210                  JH&J Bland

Swaledale Ewe with 1.5 Lambs                        to £125                                  B&LN Dibb

BFL Ewe with Single Lamb                                 to £175                                  A Jordan

BFL Ewe with Twin Lambs                                 to £195 av £190                  B&LN Dibb

Herdwick Ewe with Single Lamb                      to £110                                  B&LN Dibb

Down x Ewe with Single Lamb                         to £180                                  A Jordan

Blue Texel Ewe with 1.5 Lambs                        to £230                                  RJ Bailey

Suffolk Geld Hoggs                                              to £128                                  NW&J Moorhouse

Mule x Leicester Geld Hoggs                             to £115                                  MJ Beckwith
Charollais Geld Hoggs                                         to £118                                  NW&J Moorhouse
Beltex Geld Hoggs                                               to £140 av £137                  A Jordan



10 Dairy Cattle Fortnightly Mondays at 12noon

Father and son Matt and Mathew Bell from Semerdale, Leyburn won the late May fortnightly dairy sale with their 33kg per day heifer bought as a calf from Metcalfe Farms. This Denovo Outlay sired milk heifer, Washfold Cliff Norita 11 freshened on 11th May and heads home with Richard Sutcliffe, Queensberry at £2200. Milkers averaged £2100 and topped twice at £2350 - firstly for the Reserve Champion and first prize cow from Norman and Chris Bell, Cowling of the Mireclose herd. This second calver with a great udder and full of milk was sired by Secretariat and went home to the Hartley Farming Partnership at Beamsley. Mark Goodall, Tong paid £2350 for Winton Crackshot Michelle from Peter Waring, Beverley who calved 12th May and was already over 30kg .

Jack and Alan Wilson, Green Hammerton continued their dispersal with a run of six in calf cows and heifers -  judge Guy Mallinson, Halifax paid top price In this section for a big powerful cow coming with its second - due late June to sexed Adorable and by Overside Dragon she made £2200, and with others at £1800 and £1750 the batch averaged £1738 as repeat buyers showed confidence in the stock on offer and the value of cows and milk this Summer.

Next sale Monday 6th June.


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifer                         to £2350 av £2275                              PJ Waring

Pedigree Newly Calven Cow                             to £2350 av£2025                               NA Bell

Commercial Incalf Cow                                      to £2200 av £1762                              BH Wilson & Son

Commercial Incalf Heifer                                  to £1880 av £1690                              BH Wilson & Son




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