POULTRY & WATERFOWL It was nice to get back to work selling Poultry via live auction. Quality cages of Pullets and Trio’s sold away to a nice trade, bantams also following suit. Smaller ducks were a very mixed trade, geese good to sell, as were a few pens of hens with young chicks and several lots of young Warren Pullets.


Next Sale will be in Early September (Saturday 11th Sept) in conjunction with our Annual Sale of Rare & Minority Breed Livestock. 229 lots of Poultry.



Show kindly judged by Margaret Watkinson

Class 1 – Best Pen of Bantams

1st JR Wilkinson Lot 122

2nd S Moore Lot 86

3rd S Hitchen Lot 106


Class 2 – Best Pen Large Fowl    

1st E Procter Lot 7

2nd E Procter Lot 42

3rd AP Leetham Lot 22


Class 3 – Best Waterfowl            

1st RW Hebdon Lot 55

2nd C Sayer Lot 63

3rd G Lofthouse Lot 67


Champion – E Procter Lot 7



Trio RIR                                                to £50

20 Warren Pullets                           to £50

3 Maran Pullets                                to £45

Trio RIR                                                to £45

Pair Apricot Call Ducks                  to £45

Blue Fawn Call Ducks                     to £45

Pair Silkies                                          to £45

White Emblem Geese                   to £40

Broody Hen with Silkie Chicks    to £40